What does PKI need in 07?

Just want here some opinions. I personaly think they need some new flats.
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Trashcans. Suspecting lots and lots of trashcans.
I thought wish-list threads were frowned upon? Especially since there's a lot of speculation in the SOB thread already.

Inn bee four clothes.

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3 new threads in 15 minutes. Not that some of these things aren't relevant questions, but did you think to wait to see what response you got from the first one before creating 2 more?

What PKI really needs is to bring back the Hanna Barbera characters for the parking lot markers. Then people can park in Boo Boo row 15 again.

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Flying scooters, antique cars, spinning kegers, Hanna Barbera Land, buzzbars....

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Sorry, Pagoda Gift Shop I was kinda board. I'll spread them out next time. Thanks for alerting me on my thread spree.
Banana Splits! ;)

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!
cheese on a stick... i didn't think i saw that there
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Bisch-Rocco Flying Scooters: 1937 10-tub park model.

But anyway, about 8 more flat rides:
Tea Cups, Flying Scooter, Tilt A Whirl, Music Express,
Zamperla 2-sweep Hawk, a whole new set of Bumper Cars, The Antique cars and an Enterprise.

Trash cans! Lots and lots of trash cans!
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Dude... slow down on starting new topics. Much of what you're talking about has been talked about. This also qualifies as a wish list of sorts, and we generally frown on those.

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Closed topic.

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