What coasters at Cedar Point and Kings Island have larger seats and what row?

I'm starting this topic in hopes of helping larger guests find a seat to reduce load times and to help them have a better chance to ride. If test seats are up front it is always best to use them.

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I'm not obese so I don't keep track of this sort of thing. Why not call the parks and ask them, assuming you've already checked the respective websites and couldn't find an answer.

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The website will give riders the heads up on what rides that may be a tight fit, but they will not tell you what rides may have a limited number of seats that have more room like for example Gatekeeper. Some ride ops can be cool and inform riders, but others may not even know.

Racing to the sky,one coaster at a time.

On my last visit to Cedar Point I noticed they have it labeled on the floor of the station for Gatekeeper and Raptor... I believe it's row four. This is typical for B&Ms from what I hear.

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As far as I know the only coaster at Kings Island with larger seats is Banshee and it is row 4.

That being said The second row of each car for Flight of Fear has more leg room as does the first row of each train for the Bat and Vortex but this is pretty typical for Arrow loopers and suspended coasters.

And now we know that bjames isn’t obese, thank god. Still a jerk, at least, but a thin one.

GateKeeper, Raptor, Rougarou all have big boy seats in row 4. Valravn has 1 in the front row, 2 in the middle, and I believe 1 in the back row. Raptor & Rougarou big boy seats are identified by double belts. Valravn & GateKeeper are identified by red belts. I don’t think any other CP coasters have big boy seats.

But then again, what do I know?

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