What AstroWorld rides will see 2007 openings?

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Basically, used rides probably have a "shelf life" of about 2-3 years if outside, probably closer to 5 years under storage...I'm not saying you couldn't name rides that have been idle longer than that and returned, but that seems to be a good indicator of your ride finding a new home...

The standup, along with UltraTwister, are in all likelihood, history. If SFFT or SFGE doesn't get SFAW's SLC running soon, it could end up being sold as well....really makes INFINITELY more sense to figure out which park is getting SFNO's Batman (obviously we're looking at SFFT and SFGE, both *family* parks), then erect the SLC at the other park..."new for '08"! :)

In case you're wondering WWgD...the B&M belongs in San Antonio, Great White notwithstanding... ;)

P.S. Just because it hasn't been mentioned, Joyland and Wonderland picked up the Anton shuttle and the (enclosed?) Vekoma...kinda wondering what theming, if any, will remain with the ride...

P.P.S. Is it wise of Wonderland to risk taking on a coaster that's already closed down two parks? Is this ride the steel equivalent of ME? ;)

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Oh yes.....The nightmare at Boblo Island.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Batwing, there is another SF park that hasen't gotten a coaster after 2001, SFOT(a shame considering they just had thier 45th anniversary and only got a fairly lame group of flats for it)
^^Yes but they did get 4 tower S&S shot and drop ride in Superman Tower of Power when the only parks to recieve any attractions that year were the big 4 parks of SFOT, SFMM, SFGAd, and SFGAm. At least SFOT is getting a few major attractions in the time that most of the other parks are getting nothing at all.
^Yes & therein lies the problem.

SFA has lost more rides than they've recieved in recent years.They lost chaos due to the obvious safety concerns,iron eagle due to maintenance problems & the enterprise due to maintenance problems/lack of parts while all they've added to the theme park side was just one water ride,which isn't even all that popular with the crowds.

Sorry that I totally overlooked SFOT in regards to coasters there TXRider but instead was reffering to parks which have seen new ride additions in general in recent years.

And for about the 300th time, there are only THREE parks that have built more roller coasters since 1998 than SFA: Great Adventure, Magic Mountain, and Discovery Kingdom. SFDK was essentially a new park in 1998, and two of the coasters they built were kiddie coasters. That leaves Six Flags Great Adventure and Six Flags Magic Mountain - two of the largest parks in the country - as really the only parks that have built more coaster-wise than SFA since 1998.

You've been whining about this since 2001, and yet you still seem to be the only person who sees this "conspiracy against SFA". SFA built more than enough in the late 1990's to keep people entertained. And who really cares about the three rides they lost anyway? Aside from the Enterprise, they were all crappy anyway.

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At least SFA still has its Flying Dutchman... more than I can say for PGA and Geauga Lake...

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