Whalom Park Commercial


I just saw this posted and thought someone might be interested.

I think I acutally remeber seiing that ad when i was younger! I am from New England (near Concord, NH, to be exact), and remember wanting to go there when i was a small kid.

Now, when I drive by there (to visit my cousins in Leominster, MA, the next town over), you would bearly recognize the place, except for a perimter fence a few dilapidated buildings.

My Mom and Dad DO remember going there as kids.

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Meh, Canobie Lake was always the better park (come on Hopman, where is your New Hampshire pride?) ;).

Apperently I went there when I was a baby but my parents were so appauled by the state of the park that we never went back and I have no memories of the park.

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There seems to be a pretty strong movement in the Lunenburg area to build a new Whalom Park. I'll be interesting to see how it plays out. You can see there site here.

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