We've gone vertical folks :) (Wicked Twister)

Take a look at the CP webcam.  Supports for the rear portion of the ride have gone up.  It looks a great deal different than S:UE I think.  On a much bigger scale so to speak.  I was pretty excited about WT coming to CP but now I'm just out of control drooling on the keyboard...  :) 
God please let SFKK get something in 2002. ANYTHING!!
So awesome, can't wait to ride it you guys!
Geeze thats BIG! It's just so much more imposing then I would have ever imagined.

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Yes these support sturctures are much bigger.  Compare the webcam picture to this S:UE one (credit goes to ShiveringTim).  WT looked much smaller before these things went up, and its not even the whole thing!
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Where can you see the webcams for Wicked Twister?
Right now you can't see a thing, but it's at CP's official website.
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Go here to see the webcams: www.cedarpoint.com/public/inside_park/webcam/index.cfm

I am still amazed at just how huge this thing is going to be.  Not your ordinary average impulse coaster by any means. 

God please let SFKK get something in 2002. ANYTHING!!

I wish they had some lights on it so we could see it at night.


The track is now starting to rise along with the supports! :)
At this time, one piece of track is up, and the next piece is lying beside the station on the ground.
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Woah! Hold on. hehe
Looks like the crane has moved toward the other end.  Maybe to work on the other spike now?
I was looking at the webcam today, and was wondering how much higher the spikes will be?
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According to the construction journal on the CP site, 1 more track section for each spike.  If you look at the construction pics, you can see those two track sections on the beach.
Monty said: (hehe:))

We have only two more track sections that need to be added to each end of Wicked Twister.

Just to clarify there are 4 more pieces...

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Did anyone notice these two things:

1] the track begins its twist BEFORE the top of the spike support.  It looks like you will just miss the top of the support, making what should be an interesting "near-miss".

2] the spike closest to DT is VERY close to a DT track tube that comes out of the building.  This, too, should be a really cool foot chopper.

1. I noticed that. Badnitrus, form day one, modeled Wicked Twister like that.

2. Its just the angle of the webcam. Its close but most likely 20 or so feet. This photo gives you a good idea... http://www.cedarpoint.com/public/inside_park/rides/thrill/2002/wt/construction/picture.cfm?id=90

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It's better when you see it in person. I took a picture looking right through it. DT tube on one side, WT on the other. They are not really close, but when you are flying 70mph at it, I think most will think their feet are going to get taken off. What really looks cool, is the location of the track supports, as already mentioned.
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CPgenius:  Thanks for the clarification.  I was afraid I was misreading that.

One thing that amazes me about WT is how low to the ground the ride sits.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't the other Impulse coasters have elevated stations?  I believe this will be the first in the US with a station at ground level.  That will create a really cool effect as you are diving toward the beach.

I noticed that too bigboy.  There aren't many coasters which actually sit on ground level.

Lol Mamoosh, a "near miss".  More like a "near-hit".  Ahh George Carlin....;)

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