Wet (and Soggy) but still fun day at Cedar Point 5-11-08

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Today was mothers day, yes. My mother however was sick and stuck in bed. Also today was the day my father and I celebrated his graduation from college. What better way than to go to his favorite amusement park, Cedar Point?

We left around 7:50 am and arrived a little before 9am. By the time we arrived, a light drizzle had begun falling, but we did not want that to ruin the day. We headed toward Millennium Force for the first ride of the day.

MILLENNIUM FORCE: (Front Seat) 20 Minute Wait:
The Millennium is alway a great ride, but for some reason to me has a bit more of an edge when it rains or is raining. As my father and I were waiting in line, the rain began picking up a bit of intensity, but I though nothing of it as, it was "a little rain." I however soon discovered that the tiny raindrops feel like pieces of ice cutting into your skin as you are cutting through it at 93 Miles Per Hour. The ride was extremely intense, but well worth it, and afterwards it felt like I had gone to a spa for a facial. Rain or shine this ride is 10/10 in my book.

Knowing that Maverick was on the list as well for early entry rides, my dad and I headed back towards that part of the park, only to learn that Maverick was down. Since Skyhawk was running and we were there, we decided to hit that up.

SKYHAWK: 1 Ride Cycle Wait:
Pretty much my dad and I were able to choose where we wanted to sit, as there was not that many people inside the park for early entry. The rain had begun falling as larger drops and thus making a better ride in my opinion. Skyhawk does not go nearly as fast as Millennium but still you can feel those raindrops on your face! It was a nice, fun refreshing ride, even if there was pretty much a monsoon. 10/10

Since it was getting closer to the General Public actually being let in, my dad and I headed toward Gemini. We were waiting to go on, but the Gemini got stuck in one of the braking blocks, and unfortunately was down for pretty much the whole time we were there. I saw some people on the Magnum and we headed over to that beauty.

MAGNUM: (Ejector Seat, last car first row) 2 Cycles:
The rain was being persistant and kept letting up and raining harder. Luckily for us when we boarded and rode the Magnum, the rain was falling in big drops and not too fast. It made for an enjoyable ride experience, and Maggie was rolling faster and giving airtime like I've never felt before. It was an enthusiasts dream come true. Well, at least this enthusiast! 9.5/10 *I had a little problem with the lap bar and have a couple bruises, otherwise would've gotten the full 10*

Our whole day was pretty much spent wandering around the park seeing which coasters were open and which were not. We both went and checked out Planet Snoopy, which the rides are exactly how I remember them being at Geauga Lake. Wicked Twister was the next coaster to be crossed off the list.

The rain had still not let up, after nearly 2 hours of coming down! I was glad for a change to sit in the Middle (yes middle) of a coaster. You could feel the wind whipping off the Lake, and there were bursts of gale force winds as well. Sitting in the middle this ride was not only a relief, but I welcomed it with open arms, and for the first time ever, I experienced airtime on the back twist! 10/10

Standing in line for WT I saw part of the All Wheels Extreme ramps, so I decided to go out by the beach for a better gander. It is looking nice, the ramps are still being built, but it looks like it will be a nice show!

My dad and I decided to try our luck at riding Disaster Transport, but soon realized it was not 11 am yet. So we headed to Donut Time to get some hot chocolate. After we were all warmed up, we headed back into the rain and cold. For some reason my dad did not want to ride Raptor at all, and we missed out on that credit as well. Blue Streak was running however and we rode that.

BLUE STREAK: 5-10 Minutes
There was actually a little bit of a line for this ride, as the rain had let up a little and people were beginning to come out of hiding. We rode front seat, and I must say that I like this ride in the rain and I like the retractable seatbelts.
This ride seems to run a lot smoother and faster in the rain. 10/10

We decided to try out luck with Maverick again and headed toward the back of the park, first stopping of at the Draggin' Iron, oops I'm sorry Iron Dragon.

IRON DRAGON: 10 Minutes
I was surprised at the wait for this ride. There was a line to the point where we almost had to wait outside the station. To make matters a bit worse, the ride ops decided to drain the diapers (the big black things above the seats usually put on when it rains) so no one else would be soaked when they got off. Anyhow we finally boarded the back of the coaster, and I pretty much fell asleep. I could ride this all day and take a nice long nap, it is so boring. 5/10

Onto the train and toward the back of the park. We discovered that Millennium Force was down, and were not surprised as we thought we heard some thunder a little earlier. As we pulled into Frontiertown, however we were pleasantly surprised to see Maverick testing. Since the wait line was not too bad we decided to jump in. Little did we know what to expect.

MAVERICK: 1+ Hour wait, for the thing to even open.
The rain was coming down pretty heavy when we first stepped in line, but were determined no matter what the circumstance to not leave, as when the ride opened we would be on the first train. Little did we know that it would be about an hour wait until the thing actually opened. But some good did come out of that hour, like it stopped raining, and we met someone who's first time it was on the ride. The hour was so worth it though, the ride op recieved the phone call and jokingly told us "we're down for weather" before opening the que line. A quick walk through of the old White Water Landing station and we were boarding the first train of the day. Also while in line we saw Mr. Bill Sphen. This ride no matter what is worth the wait (unless it is over 2.5 hours). 10/10 *When we rode the sun was shining down upon the ride and it was really cool!*

After that amazing luck/stupid wait, we headed toward Mean Streak where something even cooler and rarer happened.

Not only were we surprised to be able to walk-on Mean Streak, we found ourselves being the only ones on the whole ride! It was great sitting in the front seat cruising up and down the hills and spending time on a ride with my dad, without people screaming in your ears. I have had only one other time where I've had a whole train to myself, and that was on the Gemini! I'd give it a 10/10 just for having the whole ride to just my dad and I!

My dad was feeling a bit worn down, and icky from being completely soaked so we were headed toward the front of the park. At this point in time it had stopped raining for quite some time, and there was even a bit of sunshine. I told my dad that Dragster was going to open, but he did not believe me. Sure enough a couple seconds later Dragster went whirring up the tower.

We booked it to go wait in line, which was not that long, even though a crowd had begun to gather.

Top Thrill Dragster: 10-15 Minutes
After about 4-5 test cycles the ride was open. At first there were only 3 rows open, but when it was close to our loading time, the ride hosts opened a new row and we hopped right on. This ride is always a fun ride for myself and having people who are afraid makes it even more enjoyable. The couple riding right in front of us, were scared and I had to laugh. 10/10

Heading toward the front of the park, we had to stop at First Aid because my dad cut his finger a little on the seatbelt of Dragster. After our quick stop we headed to the last and final ride of the day, Disaster Transport.

Unfortunately we did not have the whole train to ourself, but it was enjoyable since we were able to nab the front seat. The was a little girl behind us who freaked out when we started going up the lift hill and ended up coming off the ride crying. I thought to myself about when I was her age and afraid of DT, because it was when they made the ride all black with the strobe lights. 10/10

Save for the rain, it was a good trip. Although I have a few rides I would have liked to ride: Mantis, Corkscrew, Raptor, Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Wildcat, and Chaos. I give the trip a 90/100.

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How are the spiels and music on the train?
I am glad that hou had a good time with your dad today. I am sorry to hear that your mother did not get to celebrate Mother's Day. *** Edited 5/12/2008 1:18:59 AM UTC by MotorCityCoasterFan***
Great trip report! I was on the first train on Maverick today as well, in the back seat. It was a long wait, but definatly worth it. I must have been right in front or in back of you in line. Did you see me? I was the kid with short dark hair wearing a dark blue hollister sweatshirt and jeans. *** Edited 5/12/2008 2:15:23 AM UTC by Maverickrocks***
I was right in front of the annoying Girl who kept trying to scare the birds by acting like a cat, so I probably saw you. They placed my dad and I in the 3rd row, which on Maverick doesn't matter where you sit that much either. I was wearing the black Cedar Fair V.I.P. jacket.

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No, actually, I wasn't there... but thanks for the mention... ;)

Pass da' sizzrup, bro!

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