West Coast Trip Day Three

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Tuesday, March 26, 2002 3:30 PM
So day three of my trip to the Wild Wild West was filled with fun at Knotts Berry Farm. Actually Knotts Berry Farm was Nots Very Fun! I am back in Arkansas now for all of you fellow Arkie enthusiasts who want to come visit me. I have fast internet connection here that goes so fast that I can get roller coaster movies really fast and the picture does not look like a bathtub riding along a track. I get bored a lot while I am sitting in my dorm room and I love when new people talk to me online. If you want to talk about roller coaster stuff with me sometime you can talk to me on the computer. My name is rzrback17. Maybe if you talk to me I will not get so bored and I will maybe even get my list of internet friends up to ten! Anyways back to Day 3 of my trip. It was a Friday! Me and my friends borrowed a car in Las Vegas to drive to Knotts Berry Farm because we wanted to go there and ride roller coasters and pick strawberries but they did not have any strawberries to pick and they also did not have many roller coasters that worked. I will tell you about that later. I got in the car and I did not know how to tighten the seatbelt because it was super loose and I did not want to die so I had to figure out how to tighten it. Luckily Laqueesha figured out how to tighten the seatbelt and I was snug as a bug in a rug and we drove for a long time. One time the policeman stopped us to see if we had any fruits or vegetables and I was eating a mango so I had to throw it out. I was very mad but I was still happy because I was going to get to pick my own strawberries at the berry farm just like I did with my mom when we were little and used to pick strawberries and rhubarb at the farm in Wisconsin. It was fun. We got to the berry farm and we went to get in line for this ride called Ghost Rider. It was not a haunted house at all. It was actually a roller coaster. Billy said it was a haunted house and I was going to get real scared. I guess that is why we call him Silly Billy because he duped me again. The roller coaster line went really slow because they only let four people in a wheelchair ride the one car and made all of the other people go in a different one. Orthur said I was special and should go and get my own wheelchair so we can go in our own car too. We got to ride finally and we went up this big hill and into a dark tunnel and then we went down and we kept going and bouncing and going all curvy really fast. That ride gets 3 weeeees out of 4.5. Then we got off of this ride that was like a train that was traveling in Arkansas with crazy people looking for diamonds. That was fun because the girl who was driving the train talked like she was from Arkansas and I felt like I was back home again. Then we rode this ride that was just crazy, it was a big circle and then you went upsy downsy and it was so so fun. I think my friends got sick though, they did not seem to like it so much and they got squirted with water. Then we rode this Jaguar coaster, it was okay, but I did not see any jaguars so I was disappointed. I was just kidding I did not really think there would be Jaguars, I am not that silly! Then we went on this roller coaster called boomerang it was not too fun. I think I was on something like that before. Do they make more than one of the same type of coaster? I probably was just confused because I sometimes am because I do not remember all of the parts of the roller coaster rides. I was done with my day at Knotts Berry Farm then and I went to spend the night at my cousins house. She lives by the ocean and has a cat named Mr Fuzzums who can play the guitar. It was a crazy wild time. It is not as fun as my cat but it is ok. My cat licks my teeth when I sleep. I then went to bed early so I could go to Magic Mountain in the morning. The only problem was that Orthur ate too much lettuce and milk and was making stinkies in the bed all night. All night long there was a parade of smells coming out from under my blankets. It made my eyes cry all night.

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