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Wednesday, March 20, 2002 8:04 PM
I just got back from an exciting trip to the West Coast with my friends and I thought I would tell all of my new Coaster Buzz enthusiast friends about all of the exciting things I did in the last week. Wow it was a lot of fun. I got to ride a lot of new roller coaster rides and also some silly little rides at the parks. Ok so this is too hard so I am going to break it down into days. DAY ONE: I went to the airport to get on the airplane to take me to the Las Vegas airport. On the plane they served delicious snack boxes full of snacks. I ate two sacks of those crunchy breadsticks after I dipped them in some cheese sauce. I also ate a Slim Jim made of turkey. They even gave me a little chocolate to eat, which was really nummy. I sat next to my friend Spike who was very nice to me because I am very scared of airplanes when they go up and down. So Spike let me put my head in his lap so I did not have to see the scaries all around me. I was so good at flying that I even got a sticker from the guy who served me the snacks. It was really nice but there were no roller coasters on the airplane even though it was kinda scary like when my mom drives our van really fast and it starts to shake. Oh then we got to the airport and rode the magic train to get our luggage. I found my bag right away because it has a big Punky Brewster sticker on it. Then we went to our hotel to drop off our luggage. The hotel was very big and it was shaped like a pyramid with big statues in the front. I think it is called Luxor. It was very fancy and we got lotion bottles shaped like a pyramid. I am saving that for when I am back in Arkansas. Oh yeah we did all kinds of fun stuff in Las Vegas that day and we even got to ride a roller coaster. I forgot you probably only want to hear about roller coasters so I will stop talking about my snacks but they were so tasty I think everyone will want to hear about them. If you want to hear about my snacks let me know ok. I even ate a Del Taco taco one day because Roseanne from tv said they were good but I will tell you about that in my next trip report. My mom says I can only use the internet for 30 minutes while I am at home so I can only write one day at a time until I get back to my dorm room in Arkansas. Oh yeah about that roller coaster ride. It was supposed to be like we were pretending to be on the bus from the movie Speed I think because that is what they called it. It was fun. It went really fast and then it turned left and went through a big loop d loop. And then it went faster and faster until it got stuck on this big high part and then it went backwards through the loop d loop back into the station. I asked the guy what happened to the ride that made it get stuck and go backwards because I was kinda mad I did not get to see what happened after that part and then he said we get to ride again. Probably because it was broken the first time. But when we rode again it did the same thing. I could not figure out what was wrong with the ride so I just decided to go eat at the buffet. I ate a lot of food and even made my own ice cream cone. It was very nummy. I put lots of sprinkles on it and also nuts. So then I went back to my room and slept. My friends Spike, Orthur, and Laquisha all went to a nightclub but I was too tired. That is all for my first day. I will tell you all about day two tomorrow and then day three the day after that and then day four in three days from now. I was gone a total of 6 days so I will have a lot to write. Ok hope you like my trip report and give me advice on how to make it better.

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Thursday, March 21, 2002 5:39 AM
Wow rzrback, sounds like you had tons of crazy fun in Las Vegas! Did you go any other rolley coasters?

Is it the roar of Kumba or the kumba of Roar? Discuss!

Thursday, March 21, 2002 10:45 AM
Umm.....it is supposed to go backwards! The themeing is of Nascar racing, not the out of control bus ride on the movie...

Good Times!! Good Times!!

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Thursday, March 21, 2002 7:14 PM

rzrback, how about forming your thoughts into paragraph form? It will make it a lot easier on the eyes.

Your friends sound funny, especially Spike. How did he get that name?

Also, I enjoyed the part about you eating. It made me very hungry.

I also went on Speed and it did the same thing when I rode it! I was like "Why is this ride going backwards? It keeps breaking!" The guy said "Launch" and we went away again, only to go backwards once more. It was a never ending cycle.

Glad you guys had fun! Did you play Dance Dance Revolution while you were there? I hear Vegas has a couple machines.

"Look for the big black sack of Mofuggin Nuts at your local grocery store". -- Radio ad in FL

Thursday, March 21, 2002 7:41 PM


If you are interested in meeting this rzrbackcoaster person...it can often be spotted near the bathroom by Giant Drop (maybe by Batman this year). It can also be seen anywhere there is available food to consume.

Is it the roar of Kumba or the kumba of Roar? Discuss!

Thursday, March 21, 2002 10:05 PM
heres some advice....youre retarded, stop trying to be funny
Friday, March 22, 2002 6:27 AM
I find it hilarious :-)

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Friday, March 22, 2002 7:46 AM
I have a special friend named Warren who is challenged and I really do not like when people say that mean word. I might be a little slow in the head but that is probably from going to school in Arkansas. All I am trying to do here is tell all of my new friends about the fun times I have on my trips. If you do not like read it please do not yell at me, just do not read them. I am new to enthusiasm and do not know all of the special rules you have. I tried to tell you about my coaster experience and how crazy fun coasters can be. I also like to eat food on airplanes. Legendary- I do not think I have enough thoughts that relate with each other to make a paragraph. I did play some DDR in the Forum Shops and they also have a hand jive machine which was a lot of fun. I was a dancing afro puff. You will learn more about Spike in later days of the trip. He is a very special friend. I think you might be making fun of me for not knowing that Speed was a launch but that is ok. I think it is very confusing looking. All I saw was a track coming in the station and one leaving so I thought it went around a big circle. There is no way someone as legendary as you could get confused about the ride like that. haha I said a funny get it? For you slow people, his name is Legendary and I called him legendary. I get funnier every day. I hope to be as funny as carrot top someday! I am going to write about the second day of my West Coast Trip tonight. I do not think some people who call me names should read that since they do not like my first post and will not like the second one. I just like to write the facts and about the entire coastering experience I enjoy so much.
Friday, March 22, 2002 10:54 AM

rzrback, don't worry about what people say. Just have fun writing. For every jerk who responds negatively, there is someone else who enjoys hearing your story.

btw, you are *way* funnier than Carrot Top already....

He let the contents of the bottle do the thinking; can't shake the devil's hand and say you're only kidding.

Wednesday, March 27, 2002 8:13 PM
Please tell me you ARE joking about it getting "stuck" and going backwards!

I've traded in my 2000 Giovanola for a 2002 Arrow X4D :)
My other car is now an Arrow X4D!

Wednesday, March 27, 2002 8:52 PM
no i never was on a roller coaster like that before and it has a back with track going out to the outside so i thought it was broken when we came back. now i feel extra silly.
Wednesday, March 27, 2002 9:04 PM




Thursday, March 28, 2002 9:21 AM
Do they have a hill just in case it goes to fast and does not get stuck and go back to the station? Like if it is really fast it will go over the hill and then it will turn and come in that back door of the station instead of going backwards. I do not understand how that works.
Friday, March 29, 2002 7:19 PM

Its like Superman:the escape, you prolly rode it when you went to SFMM, you just shoot, then go backwards, they made it xtra tall just incase it goes too fast.


Go take a coaster lesseon!!!

Sunday, March 31, 2002 11:16 AM
If you don't stop when you go backwards, there are usually some fail safe breakes to catch you.

So what is better? SFMM or CP? I don't care! They both have 29 coasters between them that they build so we can have a good time!

Sunday, March 31, 2002 5:39 PM
XRCFanatic, welcome to Coasterbuzz, now a) Take it easy with other people. Everyone has to start somewhere. You don't automatically wake up and know everything there is to know about coasters/rides b) Turn your caps lock button off. Your not impressing anyone by shouting and being snobby.

Rzrbackcoaster, here's how to improve your trip report. First of all slow down and try to breathe. It's like you drank 12 cups of coffee and then sat down at the computer. Cut the fat out. Reread what you've written and think to yourself if anyone but yourself would be excited about what your writing. Shampoo bottles aren't exactly a hot topic on the Buzz.
The word "definitely" is definitely the most misspelled word on the buzz.

Monday, April 1, 2002 6:02 AM
Are you sure about shampoo bottles not being a hot topic? My friends and I always get in a fight over who gets the shampoo bottles and then when I get them home I show the cool bottles I got to my friends and they all get jealous and want to wash their hair right away with my cool new pyramid bottles. I also collect lotion and conditioner. I have lotion from Circus Circus and from the pyramid hotel and from the Stratosphere. I have shampoo and conditioner from them all too cept for Stratosphere did not give me conditioner. I also have some from a Best Western hotel and also from the Radison and they also gave me a shower cap that I wear when it is raining and I do not want to get my afro wet. I also got some from Disney which is pretty fun. I really think that the hotel shampoos and soaps are lots of fun to collect. Maybe I should become a shampoo enthusiast now too. Do you know if they have a website?

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