West Coast Racers: Big news for big boys

We made it for the first pass holder preview this morning. I’ve sized out of over half the coasters at SFMM so I wasn’t expecting to fit but my 2 boys really wanted to go.

After waiting only 30 minutes we were one train back. Then the ride broke down for an hour. 5 minutes into my saying “10 more minutes” it was back up.

The restraints are a pull forward lap/belly bar and a soft, flexible shoulder harness that you put over your head and clip onto the front of the belly bar.

They have an available extender to bridge the harness and the bar if you’re too big to clip together. However, the lap bar has to come down so far to clear the sensor that the extender doesn’t end up helping if your belly is the problem. They had to staple me in so hard to clear the sensor I ended up not needing the extender. It would only be helpful if shoulder girth were your problem area.

The ride was plenty of fun but I doubt it’ll make anyone’s top 10 list. The unfortunate pause in the middle to wait for the racing train to finish loading really messes with the pacing and the launch itself pales in comparison to Full Throttle. But it has some good highlights and is a solid addition to SFMM’s coaster lineup.

"I've been born again my whole life." -SAVED

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