Welcome Summer - Splish Splash (Thursday) 6/28 - GREAT TIME, BUT...

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Just some overall details...

The weather forecast called for rain on and off with heavy T storms mid afternoon. This I thought would cause the park to be less crowded. I got there at 10:15.

The Good -

Even though I missed the rope drop, I hit the entire back area in about 30 minutes Alien Encounter (4-person Funnel Slide), Wave Pool, Dragon's Den (Bowl Slide) CLiff Diver, Abyss and Barrier Reef. That's insane for 30 minutes. On a busy weekend day, Alien Encounter could be nearly an hour alone.

IN the wavepool, I didn't bump into anyone. It was sparsely used. I wish you cold bring in tubes.

All attractions opened (but one lane was closed on Splash Landing and on the body slide platform).

Staff (Guards & security) were everywhere!

Timing was perfect. Most schools have let out and camps haven't started yet. I didn't wait more than 15 minutes for anything all day.

Re-rides on Lazy River (Usually you have to get out when you complete your lap.

Rumor: One of the guards told me that they are getting a water coaster for 1998. According to him, they have an area already marked off for it.

Observation: MOst re-rides generate patterns. You expect to feel a certain way from a given ride. In all the times I have been on Alien Encounter, and it has been my ONLY funnel slide experience, I have NEVER recieved the same ride twice. The biggest thrills were the ones where I was going backwards into the funnel...very fun and disorienting.

Bythe way, I'm a big guy and since I traveled solo, I added quite a bit of weight to any party I joined. I think I contributed about 15 bonus swings overall today.

BAD: The park went out of its way to be built around trees. A few were damaged by gum spots. Disgusting and low class.

Quite a bit of debris in the wave pool. I expect medical waste to wash up on jersey beaches, but I don't want to see band-aids in the wave pool.

One dad was forcing his beefy and crying son to go on Alien Invasion. (I hate to see parents do that to thier kids at any park.) Encourage by all means, but do not force.

I just don't like it when young teenagers feel the need to curse in public. It is so not necessary.

Lots of annying bugs today.

One guard gave me rough time at surf city. The "pool" has benches built in to the walls that face each other. He kept telling me to keep moving and not to use it as a seat. (I have no idea why, but the spot at surf city where the overflow from the Abyss hits your back is a better feeling than a professional massage.

Nothing new in 2007. Wait...they added a few extra benches and a couple of signs.

SUGGESTIONS: THey need a single rider area for Dragon's Den.

I would still like an 8-lane mat slide racer.

Food: I didn't eat on property.

Tip #1: Newsday was running discount coupons.

Tip #2: You can buy your locker key at the main entrance.

All in all it was a great day. Do not let rain deter your waterpark trip planning. You are wet anyway and the crowds will not be as intense. Go and have some fun.

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

Richie Reflux said:

Rumor: One of the guards told me that they are getting a water coaster for 1998. According to him, they have an area already marked off for it.

Wow...that guard is a little off, wouldn't you say? ;)

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger


Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

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