Welcome back, old friend - Jeff Siebert's return!

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Via FB earlier today, Jeff Sieibert announced that he is leaving Schlitterbahn (sad for them, to be sure). We only managed one event during his time there, but as you can imagine, it was absolutely splashtastic!

The upside (ohhh, yeahhhh)...Jeff's moving on down the road a piece (Texas slang) to accept the position as Emperor of Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Somehow I imagine we'll be making a trip down to ride Iron Rattler sooner rather than later...oh, and grab some brisket and Shiner. ;~P

Welcome back to the coaster world, Jeff....you've been missed!

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Wow. Good job for fiesta Texas.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

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Thanks, Bill - now I've got Karn Evil #9 stuck in my head for some reason.

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Hey, I'd take ELP over "IASW" any day, all day, every day....

Now, kindly move along...move along. ;~)

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I've been editing Christmas music for the last 9 hours. I don't wanna hear it.


Wow. Many blasts from the past today.

I was cleaning out my safe and found 100 Dora Dollars I got from Jeff Siebert after my team won the scavenger hunt at BeastBuzz way back in the day. (I obviously never used them, I wonder if they are still good. lol)

I then was cleaning out my basement and found an old Cedar Point Banshee Button.

That led to me signing into Coasterbuzz for the first time in like 4-5 years. Wow, time flies.

Then, by coincidence, the first post I see is about Jeff Siebert.

I am glad to see he is still active in the amusement industry. He is a great guy.

Guess who's back? Back Again? James K's back. Tell a friend.

rollergator said:

Jeff's moving on down the road a piece (Texas slang)

I've lived in Texas all of my 37 years and I've never heard that expression.

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Hmm, I have heard it here in Indiana... lots.

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