Welcome Back, Lakeside Cyclone

Even though I am 1500 miles away, I am so happy to hear about the return of the Lakeside Cyclone. This has been the signature ride in this park with its ACE Classic status, its thrilling twister section, and its beautiful station. It has certainly been missed. May it last another 70 years.

If I ever get to Colorado, I want to go to this park. It appears to be so much like those Pennsylvania parks with their historical rides and old-time charm. I also remember that the Cyclone was designed by Edward Vettel who also designed Conneaut Lake's Biue Streak.

Arthur Bahl

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I lived in Denver during the final years of the original Elitch and the pre-Six Flags years of the new Elitch. When the original Elitch was still open I'd split my time between both parks enjoying three classic wooden coasters. When the new Elitch opened I went once...and then every park visit until I moved was to Lakeside.

Is Cyclone a thriller? No, not when compared to newer cutting edge rides like Voyage, Ravine Flyer and others. But it's a fun, fun ride with one hellova beautiful station.

Add me to the list of those glad to see it back in operation (and the park continue to survive).

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Keep in mind that "ACE Coaster Classic" and "Really Good Coaster" are not necessarily the same thing. It is nice to see a classic ride still in operation, but the ride itself is pretty rough and the track's listing to the left is just annoying. Maybe the extended rehab has this old groaner running better than when I rode it.

Yes, of course... +1 for the Art Deco station.

Pass da' sizzrup, bro!

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The last time I rode the Cyclone, about 4 years ago, and I thought it ran pretty well for an older coaster. I was in Denver on business and liked Lakeside so much I visted twice during the week. The Cyclone was a big surprise for me because I didn't know much about the coaster until my visits. Its a must ride if your are in the Denver area.

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