Week of Coasters, Part 2, Great Adventures

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Sunday, August 12, 2001 4:38 AM
After a great weekend in Hershey, I really had no further plans laid out, I started heading for Washington and SFA or PKD, but; after getting stuck in a traffic jam, then getting lost in Downtown Baltimore, trying to find the B&O museum, I decided to head back north to SF Great Adventure. I somehow managed to cross into New Jersey between Philly and Wilmington and proceed on secondary county Roads to I-195. I arrived at the park somewhere around 2:00. $10.00 to park?? It was hotter than heck, my first question was why do the parking lots angel the way they do, it takes twice as long to walk to your car than it should. Upon entering the park I noticed the "seediness" of the place, it just looked like a lot of maintenance was needed.

First ride Batman and Robin: The Chiller, well Batman anyway Robin just sat there. 40 min wait for front seat. I liked this ride it is actually pretty much like Mr. Freeze.

Next I skipped Batman, I have ridden this in enough SF parks already this summer.

Nitro, what a rush, I am ashamed to say that I like it better than Magnum. Great Airtime, with that great open feeling of B&M Trains.
New Number one Steel

Skull Mt.- ok, next, for a kiddie ride its ok

Medusa. I love the front row of floorless coasters, this one was a pleasant experience and was longer than I expected from looking at it from the ground.

Viper- not operating
Runaway train-skipped do to time.

Rolling Thunder: rode with a guy from Yonkers, we had a pleasant ride and conversation about coasters. This ride looks terrible, If you dropped me in front of it when the park is closed I would think it was abandoned, Flaking paint and rust seems to be a theme at Great Adventure.

For a pleasant surprise I found an old fashioned Rotor ride here, I forget what they call it, I still lament the passing of the one at CP. Note to Self: Eat before you ride.

Finally I rode Great American Scream Machine, What a disappointment, very rough. This is the most forlorn looking ride I have ever seen, unless its theme is Abandoned American Parking Lot, Come on at least repaint the station roof!

Dispite its cosmetic deficiencies, I really enjoyed the Five hours I spent here, Nitro was worth the trip by itself.

After leaving I proceeded north and crossed the River on I-78. It was just getting dark as I passed Dorney Park, If only I had another day and a bit more cash, I spent the night in an old "Bates" Motel, I was actually afraid to get in the shower!!, along Rt. 22 north of Hershey. Tomorrow the clasics, Knobles and Lakemount.
Sunday, August 12, 2001 4:37 PM
I just visited last week, and I would totally disagree that the park looks seedy. Do some of the rides such as Rolling Thunder need paint? Yes, but I think on the whole the park doesn't look that bad.

Batwing-Bow Down
Sunday, August 12, 2001 6:56 PM
I guess my words were a little strong,huh, remember I went to Hersheypark the day before so maybe my view was skewed, but you have to admit that GASM could use some landscaping and paint and being from Indiana I am not used to all the graffiti in the B&R:TC queue. I thought the park was nice otherwise. I guess I was expecting too much as a megalooper fan from GASM.

Parks for 2001:
PKD,PKI 3x, CP 2x
HOLIDAY WORLD 2X, INDIANA BEACH 2X, Kenneywood, Lakemount, Knoebles
Monday, August 13, 2001 8:23 AM
Well, B&R:TC has what I would call home-grown theming:) I wouldn't blame the park for that though.

Batwing-Bow Down

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