Weddings becoming big business in Orlando theme parks

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Almost 25 years after starting its wedding division, Walt Disney World is adding more over-the-top experiences, from animated cakes to ceremonies in the shadow of Cinderella Castle. Other Orlando theme parks have hosted weddings too, though not to the same extent as Disney has.

Read more from The Orlando Sentinel.

Yet more evidence that Disney hates poor people: ""This new one [$180k wedding]... really kind of fits into the whole Disney skybox thing, that the whole company's embracing the notion of 'Our target audience now is the rich and the richer,'" industry blogger Jim Hill said."

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And by "industry blogger" they mean "fan boy and critic." Seriously, Epcot had to close their lot on Saturday because it was full, redirecting people to the Magic Kingdom lot, which was also nearly full. Unless they can open more gates, the only logical thing to do is keep increasing prices.

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I was about to post the same thing. "Industry blogger" is playing pretty fast and loose with the description. He's a fan boy with a big audience. I take anything he says with a grain of salt since Disney messed with his income a few years ago.

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Messed with his income?

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Isn't he the guy that was giving paid private tours of the park and Disney shut him down?

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I dunno. That can be a thing? "Here's yer map, have fun!"

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I said it was a few years ago. It was actually 11 years ago:

I was just pointing out he seems to have an agenda.

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That's fantastic. And hilarious. That dude had some balls. Wrongly entitled balls, but balls nevertheless. #wronglyentitledballs

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Wow, I forgot about that too.

We've been explaining to the kiddies how the real world works for quite a while around here.


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I don't know. Let's see who demands last rides on Magnum this year. #wronglyentitledballs

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And I understand last rides at Cedar Point are being sold as a last-day event of sorts. Fifteen bucks per reservation, or something. For charity maybe? Anyway, it should put the kabash on that rude, last minute scrambling for last ride and the angry tears that ensue.


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I think the booming wedding business is a pleasant side-effect of the SCOTUS rulings in the Windsor and Obergefell cases.

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

You'd think the happiest place on earth would stay away from weddings, they never have a happy ending. They either end in divorce or death.

But then again, what do I know?

I suppose I know what you are trying to say, but by your logic shouldn't they stay away from humans as we always end in death?

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