We need your help!

Hello everybody!

We are students from the Master program at ESCP Europe in Paris. As we are in love with the amusement parks world, we decided to write our thesis on it, concerning virtual reality and how consumers see it into the roller coasters.

As here I believe there are many experts and passionate in the field, we would appreciate a lot if you can take 10 minutes and answer to this survey. This would help us to write our thesis and to get more quality informations.

To be clear, as I saw you have some spam problems in these days, this is not spam :)

Just another thesis survey - Survey on Roller Coasters

Thank you very much, every comment or advice would be appreciated!

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I'm not too sure the mods would allow this thread. Anyways, I don't have a lot of time, so I only answered till the WooHoo Ride part. You might want to try make it so that we can still turn it in without completing the whole survey.

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I found it confusing when I got to the Woo Hoo thing and didn't care enough to finish as well. Sorry.


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You guys are troopers. I didn't even finish reading the OP's post.

Well, this is interesting. I completed the whole thing. And what I found was that quite a bit of it was lost in translation and it took a minute or two to figure it out. But I persevered only to realize how simple and irrelevant the concept is.
Oh, I also decided to go to France and get my Masters.

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I bailed when I realized there weren't any questions about pancakes. Now that would be a great topic for my French doctorate thesis. Much better than French toast.

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I skipped the OP's post to see what Vater had to say, and I didn't even finish HIS post.

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I'm still not believing that Blasterboy didn't have the time on his hands to complete the survey.

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