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Monday, March 11, 2002 11:14 AM

So I spent a week at WDW and here's what happened:

I was kinda bummed that the park was closing early all week (7 for MK & MGM, 5 for AK, and 9 for Epcot).

Animal Kingdom was testing their Prime-evil Whirl Ride...(see last posting for that debate as to why and how the cars are spinning). Dinosaur was a great ride. Although I still think Indiana Jones in Disneyland was a lot cooler. Dinosaur had way too many dark spots and although it was rather disturbing not knowing what was in the darkness, I prefer Disneyland over Animal Kingdom on that ride.

Epcot was great. Test Track was running on only 1 queue room (2 were closed) This was my first time on it (last time I was in FL was 1997). I was really impressed with this ride. It was well themed from queue till the very end. I loved riding it at night, granted it was cold and windy, the experience was unreal! =) Illuminations and Tapestry of Dreams was nice... (what more could you say)?

MGM was ok. Granted they only have Rockin' RC & TOT, it was still a great day. The great movie ride broke down first thing in the morning, so after waiting 45 minutes (it was windy out and we figured we had nothing else to do but wait for my friends to get to the park to meet us we'd wait in line). Finally they just shut it down for the morning. (we ended up riding it later that evening). Who wants to be... was GREAT! I ended up going to 3 shows (trust me, im not an avid watcher of the show, but being in the studio ignites something in you, it gets rather compeititve)! Fantasmic was very cool, never saw it before so i was really impressed.

MK: I loved everythign about it, especially the fact that the longest ride wait we had was 10 mintes. Although I rode Alien Encounter when it first opened, i was really LET DOWN that they toned it down. It seemed shorter and not as intense (to my dismay) =(

Overall I had a blast while there. Rumors are that they are bringing "BLAST!" back to Epcot?! They already have a MUCH abridged version playing at DCA at their Hyperion Theater. Other than that a great trip, great weather and it was realy cool....




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