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Has anyone heard offically what they are doing to SM in the next few months? Are they just gonna do a total makeover or are they just fixing what needs to be fixed and refurbished? I've looked at a few internet postings and everyone tells something different.


I've heard that it will be a lengthy rehab, at least. They will leave the twin layout the same, (thank god), but completely replace the existing track in order to accomodate new, larger trains. The new trains will have an on-board audio system, which tells me that side by side seating (like Disneyland's ride) will be used. It should also increase capacity. They also plan to remodel the loading station, as well as the queue and the exit, and I would guess that new lighting and special effects will be thrown in. As far as I know the park has released no specific details or artwork yet, but I read a quote somewhere that their goal is to maintain the classic feel of the original attraction.

Here's where I read it - http://www.orlandosentinel.com/travel/attractions/orl-disney0809jan08,0,5715705.story

I was in Orlando in February and went to Magic Kingdom specifically to ride the "old" ride as many times as I could, so that it might be burned into my memory. (I got many rides, fortunately the park was slow and the ride was a walk-on most of the day) While riding I wondered about some of the tight turns on the ride and how larger trains might affect the experience. Hopefully it won't require a lot of re-profiling. I guess we'll see. As much as I love the ride, I guess I could see where updating some of the visuals (and audio) would be an improvement.

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I just hope they don't change the starfield on the ceiling while your in line. I always thought that was pretty cool looking up and being able to see the ride trains glow in the dark and all the falling stars.

I was just at disneyland a few weeks ago, and the q line there is quite boring allthough the ride is much better than the florida version.

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