WDW monorail evac

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I couldn't justify posting this as news since it's really just another ride break down:


I'd like to punch the anchors in the balls for referring to this as a "huge story," even after the witness on the phone described it as no big deal and "the most exciting thing that ever happened to me at Disney."

It is a little interesting that they couldn't get the tow vehicle out there, I assume because it stopped right on the track switch. That's really bad luck on Disney's part. Also interesting that they have a scissor lift made explicitly for these evacs.

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I also found the comment "climb through an exit on the roof of the train to get to safety" silly. Do they really think riders were in danger? They did not have to "get to safety" exiting via the scissors lift any more so than if they would "get to safety" by exiting at the station.

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Wow NBC, what a great use of that research you guys supposedly do.


Really love the Teenage twitter posts!

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CNN has the WDW story on its main page with a red NEW label. Though they also had Breaking News for a month telling us we still didn't know where Flight 370 is so what do you expect.

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Did they finally just give up on Flight 370?

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I can't believe the decline of CNN. It's really awful. This is about as much of a non-event as you could have.

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The Onion seems like it has a better handle on things now a days then CNN, NBC, and HLN. HLN is the worst. Nancy Grace is the mold you find on a month old loaf of bread.

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible." - Walt Disney
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Similar non-news...D-back was evac'd Saturday, saw a worker tied off at the start of the lifthill working on the train.

Didn't think it was worth its own thread... ;~)

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