WDW June 2022

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I haven't been yet because I'm not sure I can justify it, given reviews from friends who say the food is just good. For that price, I want great. The experience, they all say, is solid.

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As newcomers we were a bit intimidated from booking any restaurants at the various resorts because we didn't have a good feel for how hard it would be to get to them.

Topolino's is a really nice place. Obviously the biggest part of the breakfast cost was the character dining element. Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy were there and visited every table for pictures. Then they do a little dance together before leaving for a 10 minute break or so. My only complaint was that the food portion sizes seemed fairly small, especially for breakfast. (I realize that sounds like a very "American" complaint. It is obviously an upscale place and we were not expecting anything resembling Bob Evans or IHOP or whatever.) Our kids were ecstatic about the characters, so it was a home run for us.

You can go out on the outdoor terrace to look around and take some pictures if you want. There is not a whole lot to see though, because Disney doesn't build a lot of tall stuff to look at. The terrace seemed like a much better place to visit in the evening when you could hang out and have a drink without the sun beating down on you. I think I would go there again for dinner instead of breakfast just to explore this aspect of it.

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