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Tuesday, July 30, 2002 2:57 PM

Well, I was just checking over some shots of WBMW in Madrid at OneClick and noticed the exceptional theming and great looking coasters. Man, what a fantastic looking park! However, I had some thoughts about a park like that here in the US of A. First of all, this place looks prime for the US market. The theming is top-notch and on-par with the likes of IoA, and the coasters look like they would rival the best at some of our parks. But where to put it? The logical choice in my mind is Orlando. Six Flags has been rumored to want into the Florida theme park market, and WBMW would be the ideal choice. It would also give Warner Bros. a real entry into the theme park/studio business, if they ever wanted to do so here. Plus they could operate year-round which would optimize profits. Same goes for California. Somewhere inbetween Anaheim and San Diego crys out as a great place to build it too. Of course we here in Cali are saturated in parks, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing... ;)

Anyways, I certainly hope we do see an incarnation of that place here in the states soon, it looks to blow anything Six Flags has to offer here out of the water! Thoughts on the subject anyone? Anyone have any info on what the cost of WBMW Madrid ended up being?

Tuesday, July 30, 2002 3:18 PM
I agree, that would be nice...but would too many big theme parks in Orlando be bad? I don't know...and people might just think that Warner Bros. were trying to copy off IOA. I would definitely go to the park, but I think Disney and Universal are doing pretty good...but what would a couple more B&M's hurt? :)

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