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Thursday, March 13, 2003 6:26 PM
Well after the fun day had at Dreamworld i was really looking forward to the next and final park of this trip, WBMW. I had only been to this park once before 3 years ago. Since then it had built Roadrunner, a familly coaster and Scooby Doo a themed wild Mouse coasters, and those of you have read my previous report from Dreamworld know i do like them Mice, so i was looking forward to riding this new one.

The rain had arrived as promised, it was cloudy and raining. however unlike Dreamworld which basically has no undercover areas or rides, WBMW coped quite well in the rain. Anyway we were there at opening and were again pleastantly surprised by the lack of crowds, although it did seem we were the only Caucasians in the whole place!!

So to the rides, the rain had paused for a moment so we went to the signature ride of the park a Vekoma SLC.

Lethal Weapon:- This coaster is not really themed at all, and has a very annoying 5 min film of a Lethal weapon 2 car chase. I am not sure if its purpose is to get people out of the hot sun, or rain in our case, or to stop people re-riding too many times. Anyway after putting up with it we boarded and i was beaten to the front row!!!! By a girl!!!So we rode the back instead. Now having ridden a couple of slc's before and many vekomas i am aware of their tendencies to be rough, and as this ride is 7 yrs old (i think) i was a bit cautious. It turned out to be pretty good though, there was one area where it clunked and shook a bit, but there were no headaches or shoulder rashes, so that was a result. We managed to get a re-ride without getting off at the back and had a good time on this coaster, especailly as it was a walk on all the time!!

The coaster is actually a little bit customised and has a great helix at the end where the on-ride photo is taken. I am not sure why other SLC's do not have the helix as well as it definately adds to the ride. We came back later on and rode at the front, (the best seat in an inverted coaster) and enjoyed that ride as well. We had one more ride in the middle and that seemed the roughest ride of them all. Only one train was working, the blue one, i have heard that one train is rougher than the other but i am not sure which one, perhaps someone out there knows?? Overall i was pleasently surprised with this coaster and had a great time. This, in my opinion, is the best coaster in Australia at the moment. 4 rides, Best seat is the front. 8/10

Scooby Doo:- This new Wild mouse opened 3 months previously at a coast of $10 million. I love mice and was really looking forward to this one, and it did not dissapoint. The themeing from the entrance to the queue to the ride itself was top notch. We rode it 3 times in the day with no wait at all- we like that.

The ride starts with a sort of haunted house portion with small drops and sharp turns (powered by weels) and scary stuff from the film. Then the lift hill takes you up to the top of the main ride. The lift hill is vertical like in an elavator, it is very clever and saves a lot of room. You drop backwards out of the lift and then turn around and complete a usual mouse type course. The whole room is full of lasers and smoke with the scooby doo song blaring out which add to the atmosphere. A couple of trim brakes annoyed me a bit, but better than going off the edge i suppose. Overall i loved this ride full of laughs and surprises. A great addition to the park. 3 rides. 8/10

Road runner:- A familly coaster themed(sort of) to Roadrunner and Coyote. A fun family coaster with a bit of spped and some helixes, i actually prefered the Vekoma family suspended at Dreamworld which was also smoother than this one. 5/10

That is all the coasters but other rides include a 2 year old themed Lof flume with a backwards drop and big normal drop, a fun ride even in the rain. Also a Loony tunes river ride with the usual animatronics and a small drop at the end, Batman the experience 2, a couple of shows (stunt show and a loony tunes dance revue) and Marvin the Marian in 3d.

Like i said it was raining most of the day but that did not matter too much as Sccoby doo, Batman, Marvin the Martian, Loony Tunes river, and the shows are all either inside or under cover, so the rain certainly did not wreck the day.

WBMW is definately a park going places, attendance last year was up 11%, unlike other WBMW it is not owned by Six flags. It is actually owned by Village Roadshow and Warner Bros, who also own Sea World and Wet and Wild both also on the gold coast. I have heard that Six flags want to buy the parks but Village have no intention of selling as they are doing really well.

The future also sounds good for the park, as the rumour doing the rounds is that with the release of the 2 Matrix sequals the park will get a new Matrix show and a new big Coaster themed to the films. This has got me salivating. The park does need a big new signature ride, it will also need to open up a new area as the park is really quite small and i imagine it gets really crowded in the summer. The owners of the park seem to like spending money on new rides so i have no doubt that they will be unvailing something big and new for us soon.

Anyway we had a great day and i look forward to the future as this park is in a big struggle to be the best park on the Gold coast with Dreamworld, and that is only good for us coaster lovers.

That is that for this little mini coaster trip, i am now on the beach in Noosa relaxing. I am taking a huge trip back home to the Uk in Sep to see the family and go to Alton towers and more importantly to go to Thorpe park and ride Nemesis Inferno, which looks amazing. Then i will be off to Florida for a week to see my brother and will be off to BGT and IOA. Then Fri and Sat at Cedar point and then Sun at SFMM. That is going to be a huge weekend!!! I will, of course, be postinf reports from all the parks, i am really looking forward to going on Hulk, Gwazi (not open when i was there last), Spiderman, TTD, Scream and X which had better bloody open this time!!.

Thanks for reading this report, not long to go now for you guys to start riding coasters and not reading about them. Have fun



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