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I decided to head down to the new waterpark in Bloomington MN, Waterpark of America. We got there around 11:45, bought our tickets and went in.

The first thing I noticed was to our left, there was a HUGE raft ride that went in and out of the building. I walked towards it, but didn't see and other waterslides. I later learned that this park is a multilevel park.

My friend and I walked up to the "Eagle's Nest" slide tower, which was rather big. It was actually ten stories tall. On the first level, they had two body slide runouts. On the second level, there was another body slide runout, and two tube slides that ended in the lazy river. After the second level, there were a number of stairs to climb, but when you got to the top of them, you could see minneapolis from it. On the third tower, there was a body slide, and the raft ride. We decided to go on the raft ride because it supposed to be the longest indoor raft ride in the US. It turned out to be very long, dark and fun. On the last two turns, our raft almost tipped upside-down. It was fun. After that, we went to the lazy river and went around that. Straight ahead of the Raft Ride ending pool, there was a fake cave, that was pretty big. Nothing special in it, just an ordinary cave.

The wave pool actually reminded me of the one at the Kalahari. The lazy river ran into, and through it. The wave pool itself wasn't that big though. Also, it only ran the waves every 45 minutes. It wasn't that great. Right by the wave pool, they had a double flow rider. I came into it being scared that I was gonna wipe out as soon as I got on, but I didn't. Very fun. The last thing was the kiddie playground. Six waterslides, one tipping bucket, nothing that special.

Overall, here are my ratings.

Body slide #1: 6/10 (1st level)
Body slide #2: 8/10 (1st level)
Body slide #3: 9/10 (3rd level)
Tube slide #1: 8/10 (2nd level)
Tube slide #2: 10/10 (2nd level)
Raft Ride #1: 10/10 (3rd level)
Wavepool: 4/10
Lazy River: 8/10
Kiddie Playground: 7/10
Basketball Area: 5/10
Flowrider: 9/10
Overall rating for waterpark: 9/10

This is a very nice, new, and cool waterpark with fast, high, and unique slides. I loved it.

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