Water treatment plant next to SFMM?

Thursday, June 28, 2001 6:37 AM
I went to look at X a few days ago and I noticed a white-laminated piece of paper on the chain link fence outside of the park; next to the raven turn.At the top it said "Notice" and then continued to state that the city wanted to place a water treatment plant next to the mountain. There was a date on the paper for the city council meeting/hearing, but I didn't catch it because I was in a hurry. On your next visit look at the fence facing west, where the driveway ends and you have to turn around. Also I noticed land clearing behind Roaring Rapids, anyone have any comments for this. The cleared land is very hilly, if it is the site for the next coaster it will require a lot of grading. Or have they already approved the water treatment facility and the land clearing is for just that. If so MM isn't going to be the best smelling park. *** This post was edited by arrowfreak on 6/28/2001. ***

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