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I found this video online today. It's of some rollerbladers that skate down water slides, including one of the big funnels. I must admit, its kinda cool, but my question is, is what park let them do this? Or even what park did they break into to do this? I can't see a park agreeing to let a group of people do this....



There's a youtube video of a similar (if not the same) video for those of you that don't like the other video sites that never seem to load right.

^ Looks like the same footage to me... Second video pretty much answers all my questions... Wow...
The video is neat, and shows some great stunts and falls. However, this must be very illegal and also stupid. These guys could have gotten really hurt doing this, and could have walked away with a huge insurance settlement; which would be bad for the waterpark (anyone know what park this is?)
I think this video was in an older thread and it was mentioned to be Six Flags White Water in GA
Here is part one.


At the end the cops show up appearently.

Insurance settlement? Breaking and entering my friend. They would get a couple nights in the county jail the park would pay nothing.
But the park didn't actively prevent them from hurting themselves on the slides!

Seriously, they could probably get something. Especially since they didn't don the park provided bubble suits that they are supposed to provide to all tresspassers.

I read in one of the Euclid Beach books that the maintenance peoples kids use to roller skate in the barrels of the Flying Turns.

I've wondered what skiing down the runs at Dover Lake would be like. With Brandywine right there, shimmy over one fence and you're home free.

Great Lakes Brewery Patron...


Insurance settlements are a lot easier to win then lawsuits. If someone broke into your yard and drowned in your pool it is your liability (at least where I grew up in CT); and I would imagine this falls under that same idea.

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