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I just woke up from my well needed rest. Back to my trip report. Day two started out with better hope (August, 20, 2003). We woke up earlier, and went to Wild Water Country USA. We paid for premier parking again, so we wouldn't have to walk, and we waited at the gates to enter. People where such in a hurry to get in they would not stop pushing, and it got a lot of people annoyed, but what can you do then push back in a polite way.

We entered the park and after settling in with a locker, applying sun block, etc., we made it to out first water slide Nitro Racer's. I thought I was going to be scared, but it was the most fun I ever had on a water slide. Very different from you average slide. We rode twice. 10 out of 10. Then to some sort of toboggan slide. We waited what seemed like forever. The slide was a lot of fun, and if you wondering which slide it was. It was featured on a Discovery channel special of America's best water parks. 7 out of 10 for the slide was nice, and long, but not very scary, but just fun.

We then went to watch a show, and eat lunch. The girl singing could not sing, and certain members of my family could not help but scream out loud "You Suck!" the next time they performed the girl who really could not sing for her life did not sing. The day before a girl was singing in Busch Gardens, and she was at least good at it, but this girl in the water park was embarrassing herself.

My family then decided to watch a dive show, so I went to ride a water slide. IM not sure of the name, but I know the slide is a little old school. I remember watching the kids on an old TV Wild 'N' Crazy Kids go down these slides while doing certain things on the way down etc. This slide was about 48ft tall, and was just a 60 degrees shoot. However it was not you ordinary water slide.

The sides where taller, and made of a hard like plastic or fiber glass. Then the base of the slide where the sled would slide down is like Plexiglas bolted together with water flowing down. Then once your on top you put a heavy solid plastic sled on these rollers. You get on, and the life guard presses a button. The rollers then tilt, and a little door opens allowing riders with the sled to go down.

Also on the bottom of the sled there is 3 blades made of more Plexiglas. Once I went down I saw the light, but then before I knew it I was hovering over the water heading to the end of the pool. It was fun, but it does not look safe. Like I tell myself it must be safe if it is still in operation. I then went back to the dive show, and what a scary thing to watch.

I actually feared for the guys life as he climbed all the way tot he top of the dive board over 100 feet up! Thankfully he made it because he is a professional, and does it all the time. The Plexiglas slide gets a 8 out of 10, and the dive show gets a 7 out 10. We then headed over to the wave pool. First thing I noticed was no rafts in the wave pool, but life jackets.

My sister, and I put on life jackets, and went into the water to meet my parents. My mother stood on the shallow end even with the life jacket, and the rest of us where all the way on the 8ft side. Then when the waves came it got even higher. After this we headed back to the hotel.

My sister stood in, and my parents, and I went back to give Busch Gardens another try. This time the main parking lot was not full to capacity. We parked in France 5 which we used our premier parking from Water Country to get in with at the Busch Gardens. We walked into the park noticeably not as busy as the prior day. We walked over to Big Bad Wolf because this is what I came for. On the way my mother had a beer because what trip to a park made by the makers of beer would be complete without one. I took some video of Alpenghist, and we finally made it to the coaster I had waited over 10 years to ride.

The day before the whole queue line was filled, but today only going into the station was the wait. My father sat this one out, and my mother and I waited. It took about 15mins. Finally we where sitting in the train. We swooped around the woods, and before I knew it we where being swept around an old village at high speeds. Higher speeds then I expected. Then into the second lift. The drop was just so much fun! Had the trim not been applied it would have been even more fun? We swooped around some more in the forest before it was all over, and I had a smile on my face. It was such a great ride. Big Bad Wolf puts Iron Dragon to shame! Big Bad Wolf is now one of my most favorite steel coasters. 9 out of 10.

We then headed to Escape from Pompeii. We waited 10mins. In the front row just when everything I had waited to see for so many years was about to begin they stopped the ride in the building. Someone had put there hand outside the boat! The person in the back said "how you know I had my hand out?" The operator replied "IM sitting right in front of you, so don't do it again or I will take you out the boat" after 5mins we sat there in the dark smelling gas. I yelled what's taking so long, and a group of kids about my age and older where like yea! come on! then another 2 or 3 mins, and my mother said "Come on move this piece of S**t boat!" My mother never really curses! then the other riders got roused up, and then we started to move. This time no fire no falling statue. Nothing!

When we go back into the station I told everyone I waited all these years, and no fire! No sound effects! I want a re-ride! Everyone screamed re-ride, and we got to re-ride this time everyone in the boat threatened to kick the guys butt in the back if he stuck his hand out again. We saw fire we so the falling statue, and had the mist filled exit. 7 out of 10 not what I expected, but well done for a water ride.

My father then went to the car, and my mother and I rode Loch Ness Monster. This time in the back, and a lot more rough of a ride. Two girls screaming behind us very annoying. We then made our way out the park to the truck. To find my father not there. Unfortunately he had our wallets, and cell phones because he had held it while we rode the water ride. We then tried the pay phones they did not work so we went t guest relations. On top of everything we did not get our hands stamped! We explained what happened, and she wrote us up a card to get back in to look for my father. We also tried their phones he picked up, and was lost in the parking lot.

The girl then put her hand out, and I gave her back the card. She tore up that card so quick, but it was very thoughtful of her to even think of giving it back to us. We then went back to the truck headed for the hotel, and went home the next day. All in all the parks where very nice. A change of pace for us. The only thing negative is the ride operators on Apollo's Chariot do not know what they are doing. They kept stacking all 3 trains. They would allow train 2 to enter as train 1 was not even out the station causing train 2 to stop over, and over again. then train 3 would slam into the first set of brakes. Also the Alpie issue with the restraints, and the paths are just too narrow.

The water park was nice, and my father loved the music. We had a good time Also the food in Water Country is the worse food ever, and just as bad as the singer. All in all my trip was fun, and gets a 8 out of 10. It was fun, and all but no vacation on a beach.

Even if the girl wasnt a greatest singer, its a low life thing to do to yell loudly that she sucked!!!!!!!!!!!
You dont have to applaud, but surely should be able to restrain family members from being insulting!!!
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Bob O said:
Even if the girl wasnt a greater singer, its a low life thing to do to yell loudly that she sucked!!!!!!!!!!!
You dont have to applaud, but surely should be able to restrain family members from being insulting!!!

Of course I don't think that what they did was right. Neither myself or my mother encouraged their behaviors. However for you to call anyone a low life without knowing them is a bold statement. Of course it sounds like you would consider yourself high society just because you can interpret a whole family by one sentence. My point is I was not yelling to the girl. What my father or sister do is beyond my control. All I do is sit there grin, and bare it. However I did not leave that segment of the report out because it happened, and I will not edit my material just to conform to anyone. Also I did forget to mention that they where not screaming to the top of their lungs, but just among ourselves.

My family are far from low life society. We are people with feelings and great family orientated upbringings, and how dare you insult my intelligence or my family. However you statement is an opinion with seems to be such a categorized word now and days. If your free to your own opinion then so am I. I think it was ironic that the girl did not perform on the later showing. Also on a side note my mother did get my sister, and father for what they did later in the day.

"If" it was your father who yelled that the girl sucked, that is even worse!!!
While its not right i can see kids doing something dumb like that, but if its an adult its even worse!! If one of my kids yelled something like that they would get one right upside the head.
As for calling anyone a low life, i stated that it was a low life thing to do but didnt say anyone was in fact a low life nor did i make any comments about any one's intelligence in regards to this matter.
"but scream out loud "You Suck" doesnt sound like talking quietly amoing family members.
I didnt mean to insult your family but do think it is a very lowlife thing to scream out that a performer who is trying to do their best "sucks". That type of behavior is expected on a show like Jerry Springer but hopefully not at a theme park.
One doesnt have to applaud a show/performance they dont like but its quite another to yell "yousuck"at them.
I have never been a performer but think it would be quite hurtful/embarrassing for people in a crowd to tell you that you suck.
So Bob. Are you saying that Simon Cowell from American Idol keeps acting like a lowlife when he tells someone that they suck? :)

I know, its a different situation but I couldn't help but point it out. ;)
Arena football has arrived in the Windy City. Go "Chicago Rush"

Of course. BBW is the best suspended out there imo. The drop over the Rhine River is simply the best drop on any suspended coaster(and yes, slowing it was the worse thing possible, but it's there for safety). Too bad they don't make new ones...
Major East Coast Parks I've yet to visit:
SFNE, Knoebels, KW, SFDL
Fav Coaster: MF, though I must check out S:RoS
Chi-town, i wouldnt know as i dont watch American Idol.
But i would gather it is part of his script to insult the perfomers he doesnt like,

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