Was "Fahrenheit" what you expected? Or a disappointment??

Considering all the hype surronding the announcement, which seemed to last long, what are our 'real' feelings towards this installation? I myself like it alot but I am baffled as to why Hershey would purchase a ride with such low capacity. It also looks pretty derivative of some other companies coaster designs, like it's not all that original like lets say "Great Bear" is. What are we enthusiats really thinking?
Honestly, I'm not sure this required another thread, but here goes...

It looks a lot like StormRunner, substituting the launch for a vertical lift, but it also looks like a lot of fun. I would have preferred Hershey to have gone with a small B&M hyper coaster or even a Gerstlauer spinning coaster but at least they keep investing in significant rides on a regular basis.

This ride looks so similar to storm runner. Sure its a vertical lift a drop.. vs a tophat. But its still a ride with inversions and a small footprint plus no capacity.

Why won't hershey build a nice long hyper already ... it fit their market perfectly.

Very disappointed. I thought this year would finally be the year that put Hershey on the coaster map.

You mean Wildcat, Great Bear and Lightning Racer didn't already do that? ;)
I know this will not very popular but I actually would love to see something like Knott's Bery Farm's "Jaguar!" but longer at least over 4,000 ft and designed like a small hyper.

None of those really are compelling enough to make me want to spend the money to visit. I like Talon better than Great Bear. The woodies just feel like tame family rides and I rather ride the Phoenix any day. And storm runner is just too short. Not that any of them aren't good rides, but none make me want to take the trip and spend money to go there.

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Let's stick to one thread for now (or we'll end up with a mess like the Geauga Lake threads)...


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I almost think this is another Scream! Does Hershey really need any more explosive (and *expensive*) thrill rides? I figured they had that market pretty much cornered in their region...

If I were the one running Herco, I probably would have purchased a flat ride package, or something more along the lines of Spinning Dragons (i.e., a Gerstlauer or M-S spinner, the Reverchon type being too similar to the mouse they already have).

Disappointed? Heck no! But I do kinda think they may be spending more than necessary by "over-capitalizing" on rides...

P.S. for RoarsLoudly - Jaguar, and its twin at MoA, are fabulous *exploratory* rides giving a nice overview of the park...they're awesome.

edit: oops, sorry Jeff, I hit submit while you were doing that... ;)

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