Warner Bros. to build $4 billion theme park in Korea

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Warner Bros., a major American movie studio, has decided to invest US$4 billion to build a theme park in the Misari area of Hanam, Gyeonggi Province, a key member of the presidential Transition Committee said on Thursday. This committee member said that Warner Bros. chairman Barry M. Meyer and executive vice president John Schulman are expected to attend the inauguration ceremony of president-elect Lee Myung-bak on Feb. 25. The executives are visiting Seoul to sign a letter of intent to build the Warner Bros. Theme Park on a 3.63 million sq.m lot in Misari, the committee member said.

Read more from Chosun.

$4 billion? Sounds like it's going to be one hell of a park.
Wow, who would have thought that the "American" studios wanted to invest into the theme park business in every other country except the United States

I wonder if there will be time when Paramount and Warner will return to the US theme park business? They can probably snag some SF properties on the cheap. *** This post was edited by DBJ 2/15/2008 1:32:45 PM ***

3.63 million square meters??!?!


Just to put that in perspective, that's approx. 1.5 square miles, about 3 times the size of King's Island or Cedar Point.

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I doubt the park will be that big, that is just the size of the land they have available.
Yeah and I see them actually turning a profit on this park in a country who's GDP is far higher than it's inports.


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I thought that paramount wanted out of the theme park buisness?
This isn't Paramount. It's Warner Brothers.
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I'm fairly sure the Paramount park is a liscencing deal and that Paramount itself isn't the one building the park.
I like Korea.
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As the article mentioned, Paramount announced a park previously for Seoul. We posted news about it here, too.
I like Korea too... Its turning into the next "coaster destination" with all this! I guess Lotte World and Everland will keep on building great stuff just to keep up!

Warner Brothers... does that mean we could finally see a DC Comics area on the IOA or Disney level?

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Ghah! for 4 bill they could just buy Six Flags back!
^They could buy back Six Flags back twice and probably make some improvements at some of the parks with that kind of money.
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Interesting. The last time I was at Universal Studios Hollywood, I remember looking down the hill at the Warner Studios wondering when and if they'd ever get into the theme park biz.

So who's left? 20th Century Fox? ;)

But come to think of it, there was Movie world. Duh!

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Warner Bros. had a 50% stake in their Australian parks. Time Warner also obviously owned Six Flags in the 90s. And when the Spain park was built Warner Bros. had somewhere around 6-11% of ownership I believe. They sold their stake in the Australian parks a while back (I suspect for no other reason than because their partner in it decided to buy them out); no idea what happened with the Spain park, but I suspect they exited like all the others.

Fox launched a park in Sydney around 2000 which was an abysmal failure. I'm not sure you could call it a park though; it had one major (Titanic) ride and a handful of quasi-attractions and a ridiculous ticket price.

The Paramount park is to be built by Samsung, is it not? Under license as Moosh suggested.

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Samsung?? But Samsung already owns the very successful Everland theme park in South Korea.

But, what I had seen on the Paramount park was that it was a water park along with a movie studio, so we'll see.

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