Warner Bros. still offers film studio tour, while Universal now emphasizes themed attractions

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When anyone can make a movie on an iPhone, there’s not as much demand for visiting a place that shows how movies are made as there is for visiting places that re-create iconic moments and places from top films instead. But just because fewer people might be interested in those behind-the-scenes views doesn’t mean no one is. Fans wanting a look at the craft of filmmaking can still find it at Warner Bros.

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I will say that if you are a movie buff, nothing beats the Warner Brothers tour. The tour is always changing due to filming on the lot so its even worth going multiple times if you visit LA more than once. This past year they really added a lot with the new Stage 48 experience, which has a very nice gift shop, museum, Central Perk (Friends), Scoring Stage, and interactive experiences from Harry Potter and Batman. I believe this new experience cost them around $1Million so there must still be plenty of people interested in seeing behind the scenes. I have never done any tours at the other studios in town but a friend of mine who was a guide at Warner said they don't even come close to touching what WB will show you.

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