Walt Disney World unions agree to vaccination by late October

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Disney has reached a deal with its unions to require all of its unionized employees working at Walt Disney World in Florida to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 by October 22, 2021.

Read more from CNBC.

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I wonder how much of a "deal" they actually reached. From the sounds of it, they brought it up to the union and they agreed to it. Unless there are some concessions not made public that members received.


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I reached a deal with my kids to clean up their rooms.

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Bet you won’t hear a peep from DeSantis about Disney going up against the Republican anti vax anti mask agaenda to purposely kill people. Disney has too many $.

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Most of the unions were already onboard with this so I'm sure that discussion was quick.


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I'm sure that most people who have to work among other people understand that vaccination is the way out to a stable tourist economy. Those who don't get that are the same ones who complained about haircuts and bars.

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