Walt Disney World shows renderings for new gondola system stations

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From the official blog:

Earlier this year, we shared the news the Disney Skyliner transportation system will give our resort guests an unforgettable journey and a picturesque view of Walt Disney World Resort as they take to the sky to travel from select Disney resorts to Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios...

Select Disney Skyliner cabins will have iconic Disney characters incorporated into their exterior design to give the appearance that a Disney pal is riding along with guests, such as characters from the ‘Fab Five,’ figures from Disney attractions, fan favorites from movies, and more.

Read more and see photos from Disney Parks Blog.

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I’d much rather see an upgraded and expanded monorail system than these. I can’t imagine the Skyliner system could work in stormy weather- swinging cabs, etc. Though the gondola system must be quite a bit cheaper, so I can understand that appeal.

There’s that and keep in mind that these systems operate all over the world at places like ski resorts that aren’t always known for nice weather. Now, hurricane force winds? No,....

I think the stations are nice looking and I like the way they are harmonious with the destination. Not that I would expect anything else out of Disney, but there are plenty of places that would have gone with generic sameness at all stations.

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I think these are right-sized for the load. The monorails are fine for the high volume from the TTC to MK and Epcot.

And come on, we've had three days of hurricane winds in the four and a half years I've lived here. Let's not be dramatic. :) I'm sure they'll work fine in typical summer weather.

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Also monorails are VERY expensive.

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Good point about ski resorts. Forgot about them. LOL

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Good to see transit improvements around the resort. My biggest annoyance when visiting WDW is getting from point A to B. Their massive scale is their biggest asset and at the same time their biggest burden.

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