Walt Disney World ramps up hiring

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More than a year after the closures, and after tens-of-thousands were laid off, the Walt Disney World Resort is once again mass hiring for positions in their parks. All new hires will make a minimum of $14 an hour, the highest base pay for theme park employees in Florida.

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From scrolling my social media, most everyone I know from my days working there that was fully laid off (not just furloughed) has received a callback offer for something. Not necessarily what they were doing in February 2020, but it's nice to see even the fully laid off Cast Members being called back with offers.

(and the one that posts 5 times a week complaining and annoyed that he has yet to get a call back and is auto-rejected from every application he puts in on the WDW Careers site has yet to get a clue)

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That's probably frustrating for the recruiting staff, but everyone has a no-hire list, and it's probably justified.

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I loved handling the No Rehire calls back in my days at CP. People generally got that status for a reason, and it was documented. "You do remember that you swore at a guest, threw their purse across the lobby, and screamed 'I quit' before storming out?" Yeah...I would encourage you to apply elsewhere.

You probably already know this, but that scene is actually based off Larry David's time at SNL. David quit his job as a writer on SNL, then showed up the following week pretending it never happened.

Yep. I love all the real life Larry events that turned into George storylines, as well as providing inspiration for Curb Your Enthusiasm.

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