Walt Disney World parking increased to $17

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Effective Sunday, March 30, guests in cars or motorcycles will pay $17 to park at Walt Disney World.

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Still less than GrAdv...

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The weird thing is, anecdotally, it doesn't seem like anyone ever gives the parking attendants money at the tolls. Maybe that's because I never go first thing in the morning.

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A couple people in my group last week thought it was horrible for Disney to charge charter buses $19 (now $21) for the day when they were just dropping off paying passengers and picking them back up at the end of the day. But to me, no one is forced to pay the fees. And judging from the number of charter buses dropping people off, it seems like there are plenty of people (and ultimately its the passengers paying it) who are willing to pay.

I’ve always wondered how many guests try to dodge the parking fee and park at a resort (for free) and take the busses. And more importantly how much does Disney actually monitor or care that on any given day, some small percentage of cheapos are going to beat the system.

I know, there is a security guard at the entrance to every resort, but from my experience, you can talk your way in with just about any excuse imaginable.

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Until it's a busy, high occupancy day. Magic Kingdom is a pain in the ass for parking, and living behind it, it's easier to come in the back and park at a hotel. Usually that works fine, until they're busy. The Poly in particular is tight because they still have half the parking lot closed for construction. They also closed off the satellite lot at the Grand for cast members.

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(yes, I took the time to reply with one word indicating indifference)

Jeff, haven't you found the U-turn yet? If you drive in from Reams Rd and go around the property past Grand and Shades of Green there is a U-turn right before you hit the toll booths. Simply take that U-turn and pull into the parking lot.

You still have to contend with the tram but then you don't have to deal with security at the hotel gates.

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Of course I know about it. It doesn't make parking there any less of a pain. The TTC is always a crowded mess.

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I make every effort to avoid arriving at the parks at opening times. Then I miss the mess not only at the TTC but also at the front gates. Taking the monorail or boat in is always a nice experience for me. And, if we park hop it is easier just having the car at the TTC as you can get back there easily whether by monorail or bus.

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