Walt Disney World annual passes being updated to use MyMagic+ and entry through new gates

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alt Disney World annual passholders can now swap the paper version of their passes for new plastic cards with radio-free ID chip inside. That technology is part of Disney's upcoming MyMagic+ program. For now, the only benefit of the new annual passes is that they allow passage through the theme parks' new entrances. Disney says that annual passholders eventually will have access to other upcoming MyMagic+ features, such as the FastPass+ service.

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I know it probably doesn't matter, but I always hated having a paper annual pass. My first Universal pass was plastic, but the next year they went to paper. My only Disney pass was also paper. It just felt cheap for something so expensive.

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Same here Jeff, I always hated the paper passes, they just get worn down so fast. That or I'm used to $45.00 plastic season passes from Darien Lake.

Its sad when your best friend asks you the exact running time of a ride. Good thing I didnt know.

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Shouldn't that be Radio Frequency ID?


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Jeff said:
My first Universal pass was plastic, but the next year they went to paper.

The gate attendants frequently give me a funny look with my 10+-year-old plastic pass...works GREAT when it's warmer and we do Bilge Rats.

I got a Dollywood pass last year and it was a nice plastic card. At the end of the season I went to SDC for the better part of a week and got a pass which turned out to be paper. My 2013 pass just arrived in the mail and it's paper as well, ready to go. I wonder why they don't have a company-wide policy.
Anyway, now I'm faced with trying not to lose it, keeping it from getting tattered, or wet. On the plus side,I don't have to wait in some line to get my photo taken, right?
I've never had an annual pass at Disney. There's been some years when I probably should've looked into it. It kind of makes sense that they should go first in the transition, they might be more forgiving as a trial group. And there's no real benefit yet, just a separate entrance, so it's a good, safe way to kick it off.

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I had a Disneyland AP last year. It was plastic.

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