Waldameer's Ravine Flyer II 5/17

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Weather: Windy with scattered rain showers

Crowds: Deserted except Ravine Flyer II

Rides: Ravine Flyer II

Wait time: 8 years, ok 30 minutes

Finally, after waiting for eight years, I was able to get on the coaster that was talked about for so long. Ravine Flyer II was running only one train (Red) with about a thirty minute wait. The dispatch times were slow, but thats what's expected out of a new ride on its opening day. The ride itself is a winner. The lift hill view is absolutely breathaking, and the layout fits the area perfectly. The first drop swooped into a tunnel then over the road. There I found some great floater airtime, and it could have been ejector but my lap bar was pretty low. Then my favorite part, the s-curve up the second hill and through the lowest portion of the ride. The funniest part was when another person in my 14 person group in front smacked a bird by accident. The coaster didn't let up through the higher portion as much as I thought it would, and the 90 degree bank, in my opinion, was pretty neat in the sense that I was given the illusion my hands would hit the hand rail. After one more swoop down the hill, we made our way into the station.

Personally, I was very surprised with Ravine Flyer II. Especially the sense of speed. Waldameer, as usual, got it right, and the coaster fits in beautifully with the rest of the park.

We rode today (5/18) and had a blast. Not only was the park dead, but the coaster was a walk-on, with increasing intervals between trains. I thought the ride itself was great! Amazing view from the lifthill, steep drop followed by some nice air all-around. The coaster got progressively more intense as the day went on, which resulted in some frequent breaks in between rides. When I first walked up to the ride, we all thought it looked like a mini-Voyage! :o)


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