Waldameer Park Aug 17th

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Just a quick TR

This park is a GREAT family park.
It has a great old dark ride- Wacky shack
great log ride
the Comet coaster is pretty tame but still fun.

Water World-we only spent about an hour in the water park. It wasnt the hottest of days. So we only went in the "Endless River", hot tub, and tube slide.

I suggest this park. Its great for the family b/c the rides are pretty tame and the park has great atmosphere.

That's a great little park with a friendly atmosphere. Wacky Shack is awesome and has some great stunts inside. Glad you had a good time. The park is often overlooked and shouldn't be. It's so easy to just have fun and enjoy yourself there.

Wood - anything else is an imitation

I went there a fews years back...and Im so glad I went back yesterday

almost all of the rides can be ridden by nearly everyone in the family.

I agree it's a great little park, and if it either recreated the old Ravine Flyer or built another classic woodie or two, it could be just like Holiday World. I wish I could have ridden the old Ravine Flyer. The pictures I've seen look awesome. It started out in the park, then crossed over the highway and roamed around the woods on the far side for a while before returning over the highway and finishing up with an intense triple helix into the brake run. Off and on there are rumors they're trying to recreate it, but it's always "a few years off."
Back in the fifties Waldameer had one of the nation's top miniature golf courses and one of the first log flume rides anywhere. The boats rode most of the way in a flume sunk into the ground, winding through the golf course and the restaurant's outdoor patio, then climbed the lift for the drop.
They had a great ferris wheel with views of Lake Erie, and their Bumper Cars, Tumble Bug and Loop the Loop were among the best anywhere.
Waldameer also brought in top acts and bands to their dance hall, and had that staircase leading down to the beach.
So it really has a strong history. It was a great park before Cedar Point and Geauga Lake began growing, and it had consistent crowds because before the interstates the whole western half of Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia vacationed at Erie for those 14 miles of beautiful beaches and great fishing. In the evenings, they'd all go to Waldameer.
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The highlight of my trip to Waldameer last Friday was a little fat kid wearing an 'Annie' shirt.

Someone really should've told him...

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