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I drove to Cleveland Friday with my dad and my 2 daughters, went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame from 10-3 then drove the 1.5 hours to Waldameer for the summer scream event.

I loved the entire park. The first thing I noticed were all the big trees. Then just the general atmosphere. It reminded me in some way of many of my favorite small parks like Lake Winnie, LeSourdesville Lake, or Lakeside in Denver minus the lake in all 3 cases.

The park was packed but the ops were apparently quite good because the lines all seemed to move pleasingly quickly. I was especially impressed with how fast the line for Steel Dragon moved.

I love walk-thru haunted houses and ride-thru dark rides and Waldameer had one of each. I saw a few elements in the Wacky Shack that reminded me of the old Haunted Mansion at Indiana Beach before it was ruined.

I give the Comet and the Steel Dragon a big thumbs up along with all the other great rides.

One marvelous thing about this park is that it gets dark early enough to allow you to get a few rides in the dark. They don't close until 10pm plus the sun goes down earlier in this part of the time zone then what I am used to in central Indiana. I love the nighttime lights and the awesome atmosphere after the sun goes down. Its the best. We all had a great time.

I was putting off riding Ravine Flyer II all day so I could ride it at night for my first ride. My daughter and I waited for the front train and the ride was great. It had some great drops one of which were really surprising. It has tunnels that come up very unexpectedly and some nice airtime. I only managed to get 5 rides during the hour of ERT. 1 in the front 1 in the back and the other 3 towards the back and the back is certainly where the action is on this fantastic roller coaster. It reminds me of Holiday World's great coasters. Voyage has it beat hands down but it is currently my 2nd favorite wooden coaster. I believe we will see it debut fairly high on the various coaster rankings.

I loved the entire park. The first thing I noticed were all the big trees. Then just the general atmosphere. It reminded me in some way of many of my favorite small parks like Lake Winnie, LeSourdesville Lake, or Lakeside in Denver minus the lake in all 3 cases.

Lake Erie? ;)


You have disturbed the forbidden temple, now-you-will-pay!!!

Cut him some slack. It's not like Lake Erie is really all that big or noticeable. Kind of puny, really. ;)

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You guys are giving me a hard time. There are not any rides built on the lake and of course the lake is not visible unless you get 100ft into the air and look over the trees to the north.
Waldameer is on a bluff above Lake Erie rather than being right on the lake. Three rides will give you a view of the lake: Ravine Flyer II, X-Scream (if you are facing north), and the Ferris wheel.

Arthur Bahl

Tom and I were just having fun at Wabash's expense. (Or at least I was!) ;)

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Yes, just good natured ribbing, that's what the winkie was for! ;)


You have disturbed the forbidden temple, now-you-will-pay!!!

Ravine Flyer II Rocks!!! I only got four rides on it (as well as 2 each on Steel Dragon and Comet, and a "Credit" Ride on Ravine Flyer III) but I had a great time. On Sunsay I first went to Darien Lake where I added OCC Motocoaster (Short and Sweet) and Preditor (A Little Rough but Enjoyable) to my list. Ride of Steel was running in top form! Feom DL I made my way to Seabreeze where I added their Whirlwind to my Collection. Bobsleds was running a little slow but was enjoyable, This was the first time I rode Jack Rabbit since they replaced the NAD Trains with Morgans. It still rode good. however. Monday I went to Toronto to visit Canada's Wonderland. Behemoth is an airtime-filled Mega-Coaster, Backlot Stunt Coaster was also a lot of fun. Time Warp in a rather unusual flyer, and Silver Streak is a Vekoma Suspended with CONSIDERABLY BETTER Restraints than any of their other Suspended/Inverted Coasters. No Face Slapping when you ride this one!

I wish I could say the same about Mighty Canadien Minebuster and Wild Beast. OUCH! These two woodies need EXTENSIVE Track Work. If I was a Football Referee I would have had to toss a flag on both of these Coasters for Unnecessary Roughness!

I finished my trip with a visit to Martins Fantasy Island. Silver Comet was running as good as ever, and Crazy Mouse is my newest Addition. I then finished the day at Niagara Falls. If any of you need some new Sandles the American Side of Niagara Falls is where to get them. Make your way to Goat Island and take the CAVE OF THE WINDS tour. It will cost you $10.00 but they give you a pair of Sandles so you do not get your shoes wet as you walk in front of the falls. After the Tour :) YOU GET TO KEEP THE SANDLES! :) (You can't get a Pair at Wal-Mart that cheap!)

My Prayers were Answered on the way to Erie. Continental Airlines gave out several :) FREE TICKETS :) at their Cleveland Hub on Friday, I was able to snag one of them. I also got a FREE Hotel Room, and a Free Dinner along with a Free Breakfast the next morning! Now I have to figure what Park(s) I will visit next year using this Ticket!

Answer my Prayers, Overbook my next Flight!

I meant that some Wacky Shack elements reminded me of IB's old Mystery Mansion. I earlier called it the Haunted Mansion.

Borntocoast, I hope you play your cards right and spend your 50th birthday at Kings Island riding Diamond Back. I need a new pair of sandles too. Now I know where to get a pair.

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