Waldameer Park---Fun Time 8-12-2008

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My cousin called me up last week, wanting to fill a coaster craving, and asked if I wanted to tag along with him to Waldameer.

Seeing as I had never been there, and knew little about the park, I decided it would give me something to do besides sit around my house all day. Plus this was sort of an early birthday present from my cousin.

We started out the day around 10am by playing a little bit of Rockband, and set the alarm for 11:15. We left around 11:20, and headed out on the open road for the hour and a half drive ahead.

We arrived at the park a little after 1, and I was really surprised and pleased at what I saw. This park reminded me of Geauga Lake in so many good ways.

Purchased the wristband and headed toward Ravine Flyer II.

Ravine Flyer II: 10-15min wait, 2nd to last car, last last seat.
Nothing my cousin told me could have braced me for what I witnessed in this coaster. My mind was absolutely blown away. I have experienced woodies with airtime, but not with the smoothness or non-stop action that RFII delivered. According to my cousin (now he's not an expert, but he knows enough), the only coaster that is better, would be Voyage at Holiday World. If that said is true, then I need to find a way to Holiday World A.S.A.P.!


After my mind blowing experience on RFII and a quick restroom pit-stop we headed over toward Steel Dragon.

Steel Dragon: 10-15 min. wait
I have never seen a wild mouse laid out so insanely, and to top things off, my cousin decided it would be cool if we went up the lift hill BACKWARDS! I was a little nervous seeing how the track was laid out, and just the type of coaster, but I must say it was well worth it. 10/10

The final coaster we needed to hit was the Comet, seeing as Ravine Flyer III was a kiddie coaster, and I decided to leave it to the children.

Comet: 20 min wait, back seat
For a smaller coaster, this was another unexpected and awesome coaster. Nice pops of air, and I was intrigued by how the manual braking system worked.

There were a couple things that are to be noted on this trip as well. One was while waiting for RFII, there were some crazy people standing near and on the track taking pictures, accompanied by a Waldameer Employee. It appeared they were part of some coaster club, which wouldn't surprise me.

The second thing of note, was there was a guy walking around, who tried getting on Ravine Flyer 3, probably just for the credit. He seemed desperate enough to borrow a child to ride. I'm wondering if he was sad enough to stoop to that level. I don't mind people who ride children's coasters for fun, but just to go on it for credit is a bit low in my books. I thought coasters were suppose to be rode for the thrill and entertainment purposes, not to be a total dillweed about it and force yourself onto a coaster, just "to have the credit."

After my cousin and I witnessed this sad attempt at gaining credit, we headed back towards Ravine Flyer II.

We rode Ravine Flyer II, 3 times in a row, 2nd car from back, very front, and very back. Two of those three times that dillweed was in line with us. It made me angry to see someone like that in a nice park like that.

Some of the other notable rides we went on were X-Scream, which for a drop tower, I actually enjoyed...Wacky Shack, which actually creeped me out, as I do not like dark rides that much, Pirate's Cove, a nice little funhouse, and Thunder River, which was a fun water ride and reminded me of White Water Landing.

I had a great time at Waldameer, I'm considering calling it my new home park, as well as possibly looking into working there next summer. I love the fact that it is right by Lake Erie, has the nice family atmosphere, is close, and is reasonably priced. I would go back in a heartbeat! 100/100

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I've been through Erie a few times but I have never stopped at Waldameer. I've been waiting for that new coaster to be built that has been talked about for years. Well, now its built and I'm going next Saturday. I'm glad to hear the good reports. I'll be spending 10am to 3pm at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland then making to 1:45 minute drive to Erie. It should be great.
Sounds like a great park! Awesome trip report.

I've gotta admit, I'm a little bit of a credit ho, counting my rides on kiddie coasters from way back when (hey, I was only on two or three of them) and even the Dragon coaster at Dorney. That being said, that IS a little ridiculous to credit ho like that when you're a grown adult. I can see a junior coaster, like Trailblazer at Hershey, but come on now! LOL I can just picture this guy crammed into a little kiddie car going WOOOOO! Number 78!! Five more parks and I'll have ridden every kiddie coaster in the USA! It IS sad. Maybe he's trying to relive his youth or something. Sadly (or not so much so), we'll never know. Ehehehehe....

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I DO NOT RECOMMEND trying to "Borrow" a kid to get a Coaster "Credit". Take it from someone who learned THE HARD WAY!

In 1994 I visited Cedar Point and attempted to get Gemini Jr. in as a "Credit". Knowing you had to have a kid with you in order to ride I struck up a conversdation with a man standing next to me and he gave me permission to ride with his daughter. I then got in line and waited for my turn to ride. Just as I was about to get in I ran into a "Problem". The Man didn't tell this to his Wife! When she spotted me with her kid she pushed the Panic Button and all Hades broke loose! Not was I only denied my ride, but I got to explain my antics to some of Sandusky's Finest! It was something of a small miracle I was not tossed out of the park! A month earlier ACE had an article in their newsletter about someone who had borrowed a kid for a "Credit". Needless to say I sent in a STRONG Rebuttal! Don't do this folks, it will get you into more trouble than you ever imangined!

PS. A few years later I ran into this Family at Michigan's Adventure. They apologised for what happened but I told the Lady she was only defending her Child, and I was in the wrong! We departed with no bad feelings.

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ROFL! Borntocoast, I'm sorry that happened to you, and it must have been horrible at the time, but that is just absolutely hysterical. Speaking as a dad myself, that is the funniest thing I've heard in a while. :)

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Yeah that was a sight to behold with you yesterday ellen. Im glad you had a good time.

Waldameer itself was more packed than i had seen it, than my previous three visits. Ravine Flyer had a line out to the sign for it yesterday. They even opened the switchbacks, which in itself is pretty impressive for that park.

The wacky shack is still a true dark ride, in which many parks seemed to do away with, cheesy but fun.

Ensign you still getting those kiddy credits, or is your daughter too old. Who's stopping the kids in all of us from doing this anymore? I killed the kiddy credits along time ago, after Runaway Reptar at KI.

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Hey, Magnun! Long time no see.

I'm still getting a few credits with her, but it's getting harder and harder to convince her to get on those 'baby' rides with me. Now that she's six and appreciates coasters like Mean Streak and Phantom's Revenge, suddenly Lil' Phantom is *beneath* her.

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Re: Kid Borrowing... I now have kids of my own, and it will be soon that my 3-year old won't be scared of kiddie coasters. I suppose there are well over a dozen kiddie coasters that I could revisit and get the credit if I really cared.

Actually, if you just ask a ride-op, more often than not they will allow you to get a kidless ride on a coaster with the "adult must ride with a kid" policy. If they say no, then no harm, no foul. If they say yes, then cha-ching. Either way, it's better than what happened to Borntocoast!

Pass da' sizzrup, bro!

I rode Ravine Flyer II the second weekend it was opened,it was good.

Rode it again today,wow it is breaking in great,that thing was hauling *ss,what a difference from the first weekend I rode it,GREAT coaster now.

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I rode RFII on Memorial Day Weekend, and it was great, but every report I have heard recently says that it has broken in and is running even faster...

I will be out there on Sunday, and I am so excited to get back on this ride!! Perhaps it will take my number 1 spot for wood (currently 2nd)...

Josh M.

^^^ You will notice a BIG difference :) :)
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I will be there on Saturday morning/afternoon then I have dinner plans with the fam. Hoping to be able to get away from the family that night to ride it in the dark though!

Ravine Flyer has been growing on me since the first time i rode it. It really does seem to be better than it has been with an extra visit.

The first time i rode it, it seemed to slowly go through the end of the ride, as to now its noticeably moving faster through the last part into the brakes.

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I can't wait to plan my trip to HW to ride the Voyage so I can compare the two. That is believing that the two can be compared...

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