Waldameer-Fireworks and Roller Coasters July 3.

So my dad has finally secured weekends off at work, meaning I get totravel with him once again to amusement parks. (Much better to have acoaster buddy, IMO) We decided to head east, rather than west for ourcoaster fix. Cedar Point we knew had a bunch of things planned andwould more than likely be sporting 1.5+ hour waits for a lot of therides so we decided to head to Erie, PA and visit Waldameer Park.

Now I had only been to this park once, but ever since I went, I hadbeen pestering my dad saying he needed to check it out. Finally he gavein and decided to drive the 100 miles to the park. With FREE PARKING,and FREE ADMISSION, who could really pass that up?

We left around 10:30am and arrive just shortly after the park opened.Although we did not know most of the rides did not open until 1. Walkedaround for a bit to decide weather the $20.95 a person wristband wasthe better price than the Wally Card. We decided to spend the money andgot two wristbands for $41.90 (less than 1 person at CP).

First ride of the day was Ravine Flyer II.

RAVINE FLYER II (Total Laps w/dad: 4, Total Laps: 6, Blue Train Rides:1 Back Seat, Red Train: 5, Back Seat: 2, Front Seat: 2 Middle: 1)Rating 10/10
Waiting Times: Less than 20 mins for each ride.

My dad has this thing where he has to ride both Front and Back at leastonce, and sometimes even on the different colored trains, just to seethe difference. The laps early in the day were alright, but the laps atnight were even better since the wood had heated up. Best part was whenwe rode the front seat at night, and the fireworks were still being setoff, well the duds...and people at the State Park.

Next we headed over to Comet:

COMET (Total Laps w/dad: 3 Total Laps: 5 Front Seat Rides: 1, Back Seat
Rides: 2, Middle Rides: 2) Rating: 9.0/10
WAITING TIMES: Less than 20 Mins. for each ride.
This coaster kind of is base on luck where you sit. You have to be inline with people who either dislike the front or back, or end up justwaiting for the next train. Great for a smaller coaster, and I love theold braking mechanisms still being used. Feel sorry for the ONE ride opon this coaster though, he was working his butt off. Get a little popof airtime if you sit in the back, so pretty cool there.

STEEL DRAGON (Total Laps: 1) Rating: 9.0/10
Only needed one lap on this coaster, since it is a spinning wildmouse type. We ended up going up the lift and droping down the firsthill facing backwards, so that was interesting not knowing what wascoming next. Pretty fun coaster, but it is very rough in the brakingarea, when the car straightens back out. Other than that though, nocomplaints.

We walked around for the park a bit, hit up some of the "smaller rides"and split off for a bit, meeting up just in time for the firework show.

Rides We Hit:
-Pirate's Cove
-Wacky Shack
-Sea Dragon (2 laps, 1 by myself)
-Sky Ride
-Mega Vortex (The new ride there, pretty sweet, but can get you very dizzy, very fast)
-Thunder River
-L. Ruth Express

Rides I Hit:
-Paratroopers (First time ever on one of those)
-Tilt A Whirl (First time on, and special note will be below)

TILT A WHIRL: 2 rides, 1 by myself
I had NEVER been on one of those before going on it yesterday. Kindof sad I know since I believe that Cedar Point has one. But anyhow thenoteable thing about this is that right before the fireworks began, weloaded on and the ride started. A little after the ride started thefireworks started going off. So right above my dad and I the fireworkswere exploding. It was so awesome I had to get a video, and right afterthat ride, the ride host would not load anyone else until the fireworkswere over.

During the middle of the day too my dad and I went out of the parkinglot and drove up to the Burger King for Lunch/Dinner, and came backinto the park.

Overall it was an amazing day, probably one of the best I've had at anamusement park in quite some time. The atmosphere was just phenominalthere, and I also love the fact that leashed pets are allowed to bebrought into the park. Would go visit this park 100 more times thisyear if I had the gas money/ if I would have planned ahead and bought aseason pass. I am now trying to convince my friends to head up therefor the Karaoke weekends they are having in July and August. I will beat Waldameer at least 1 more time before the season ends.

RATING: 98/100

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Sounds like a great time. Makes me want to get back there again this year. Nice TR.

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We were there on July 3rd in the evening. But at RGB has said before we seem to be everywhere.

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Guess this is as good a spot as any to plop this question. Our good friend Lance is reporting that RF2 has become very rough, to the point of being almost unbearable. Can anybody else corroborate this?

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^ He asked if anyone had had a similar experience, so I emailed him:

I was just at Waldameer last Friday, and thought RF2 was running brilliantly. In fact, I swear it was smoother than when I rode it during the first season. My friend who was with me even compared it to El Toro. However, keep in mind that it had been raining earlier in the day, so maybe that greased the track a bit... or something. (I still hear about the wicked rides on Voyage during HoliWood Nights '09 after it rained.) That's the only time I've been there this year, so it's entirely possible the rain several hours earlier made the difference.

[edit: It was actually 2 Fridays ago. Stupid time flying.]

Good enough for me. Looks like we'll be taking the swing up to Erie next week. Thanks, Birdman.

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I gave Lance a piece of my mind as well. If anything RFII is running equal to opening year, maybe better. I wonder how many reports told him this? I understand Screamscape will most most of anything you send them, but I hope some editorial priviledge is used. Unless he becomes flooded with emails about any ride, no comment needs to be made. The story wasn't news, it was complete and total opinion.

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Now the cheeseburger I had at Sarah's wasn't that great. :) Still better than a typical chain burger, but not as good as the last two years.

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