Waldameer Announces Yet Another Upgrade for 2011

The L. Ruth Express miniature train ride will recieve a brand new Chance C.P. Huntington engine and wheelchair accessible coach upgrade along with the previous trackwork completed this past fall. Once again, Waldameer hits the nail on the head with quality attractions and upgrades.


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Did they re-route/extend the track or is it just replaced track? The old girl was squeakin' pretty bad on my last visit.

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That's a bit different than what Brian told us at the ACE holiday party last month.


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It's always a good sign whenever a park overhauls existing popular attractions in addition to adding new ones. This indicates that the park wants to keep all of its rides in good operating condition and not let any signs of decline appear. Of course, getting rid of that junkyard several years ago also helped in this regard.

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