Waldameer announces specifics of its three new rides

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Waldameer made a blog post detailing its three new rides for 2011. The first is a 41' swing ride, plus a tea cup ride and a Rockin' Tug. The park will give updates on its blog.

Read more from Waldameer's official blog.

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Ok, the enthusiast side of me was slightly upset hearing that the most intense ride being added was the Flying Swings. However, looking back, two of these rides are kiddie rides and Waldameer hasn't added one since 2000 with Ravine Flyer 3. Therefore, Great Choice Waldameer! They still add to their classic collection to thrill rides with a perfectly located Flying Swings while updating their family and kids collection. I can't believe howm much this place has changed since the first faithful day I stepped foot in that place in 1994.

Hell yeah, A tea cup ride. Sick, Just sick! Woohoo! Wave Swinger oughta be neat in the location as well. Rock n Tug, Good fit for the park

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I am excited for this park. Creating a new area AND getting 3 new rides. Very impressive. Go Waldameer!

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I'm glad they're making use of that space in the train turnaround. I think swings by the lake and RF2 will be a really cool view! I couldn't care less about a swinging ship, but it's a good fit for the park. Regardless, I'm just glad to see them doing well and continuing to grow.

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^They already have the swinging ship, Bryan, it's over by RF2 (the Miler kiddie coaster). The Zierer/Zamperla swing ride, along with the Rockin' Tug and Tea Cups, will be new (shoulda gotten a Crazy Dazy like Seabreeze or Knoebels). ;)

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Ah OK, see, that's what I get for just reading the blog post and not searching Google. :)

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The kiddie coaster is actually RF3.

Waldameer continues to grow by leaps and bounds. All they need is to find room somewhere to squeeze in a used Schwarzkopf shuttle and it would be a complete park, IMO.

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^Whoops, good catch. The weird numbering is perpetually confusing, LOL. And *if* they're in the market for a good used Anton shuttle, there's one for cheap in TX right now... :)

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Waldameer does not have an interest in used rides any more and prefers to buy new even though it costs more up front. I do agree that some kind of looping coaster should be ultimately added to the park along with an interactive darkride and another thrilling flat. There is also the matter of the wave pool to make the waterpark more complete.

IMO a looping coaster can wait for a while because of its cost until the park grows a bit more. The flat thrill ride is likely to come in a couple of years (they have hinted that this will happen) and then it would make sense to follow this with the wave pool if they can do something about the impact that this would have on parking. The other change that has been mentioned is a food court, that would add to the variety of food offerings in the park (and take care of what I believe to be the park's one major shortcoming).

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If I remember correctly, a blog post from the 2009-2010 offseason said 2012 would be the year for a major flat, but that was before this "North End" was announced. So lets hope the North End generates great numbers and 2012 still sees the major ride. As for the next coaster, a looping-terrain lakefront ride would be sweet, but thats only a wish. The Knoebels route of a collection of world-class woodies wouldn't be a bad idea either. However, 2015 or later is my guess on a new coaster.

As for the waterpark, a neat addition could be replacing the speed slide (double down) with an aqua loop.

I love Waldameer. These rides will be a good fit for the park.

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All they need is to find room somewhere to squeeze in a used Schwarzkopf shuttle and it would be a complete park

In my opinion, no park is complete without one of those, especially since there are quite a few that could be snatched up.

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I'm at the ACE Holiday party. Brian Gorman just spoke for Waldameer. I don't remember it being mentioned. But, not only are the swings going to be located in the train turnaround. But, all three rides will be located there. There will be a 20' metal archway welcoming you to the "North End". Among other brass figures, one will be a White tailed deer.

At the end of next season, they hope to get a new train for the Ruth Express. They would then refurbish the existing train. In addition, they want to add magnetic brakes to Comet for safety. In addition, that would allow them to run both trains.

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I almost forgot, the season passes are back. They increased $10 This year. There will still be a limited quantity. But, the number available will be higher this year. The scanners for the wristbands worked well. The park is I'm the middle of studying the data.

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I also like the idea that landscaping and hardscaping (the archway and fountain) are an important part of the project. I really liked the sculptures and flower beds they had placed throughout the park. It won't be like they're just plopping a ride in a parking lot.

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Being tight on space, Brian Gorman said they'll be attaching plywood to parts of the Ravine Flyer II's structure to create a mechanical room for the Flying Swings.

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