Waldameer annouchments

Waldameer has announced new times, prices for seniors and such on their blog. They also have an entry for a new food pavilion and a hint of a new thrill ride that may come in the future.



I really like this park and happy to see them expanding. They do seem to have a positive direction to be a small family friendly park.

What is an annouchment?

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^It's kinda like when the park announces (or anyone announces) that say, your beloved woodie is getting the "PTC upgrade" (individual lapbars, headrests, etc.)

Or your favorite racing coaster will no longer have a backwards side.

So it's an annOUCHment cuz it kinda hurts, or sucks.

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I was thinking it Bill2 is actually Beaver from Lady and the Tramp.

Look like spell check is not working on my install ofFirefox again... I tend to type fast and am too dependent on this feature. Ishould be better at proof reading first and not dependent on technology alone. :(

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I hope the food court gets enclosed with glass walls and a/c.

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This one of my favorite parks to go to, and I trust that no matter what they do, it's only going to keep improving the park. I can't wait for whatever it is.

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In other news, the Erie Times had a small write-up stating that attendance dropped 12% last year from 2008. Interesting to note that they were working on a 20% increase in 2008 from 2007.

I believe Waldameer is approaching a Renaissance in its long history. Finally, steps are being made from the standard mid-sized classic rides and into the new and thrilling larger rides. I remember the early 2000s at Waldameer being a collection of circle rides with a junior woodie and log flume. Within the last six years Waldameer has grown leaps and bounds in front of me. Two roller coasters and two major thrill rides, with admission only increasing modestly. If only that Water World is heavily renevated, and the Waldameer Beach is revived, Waldameer has made a 180 in quality.

Lastly, it's been nice to see that trackwork has been ongoing on the RFII the past couple months.

What that means is that, even in the middle of the Great Recession, Waldameer's attendance in 2009 was up 5.6% from 2007. Granted, that's encompassing the debut of RF II,but still, that's a pretty good freaking number given the circumstances.

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