Waldameer and Conneaut - 7/15/04

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My friend and I decided it was time to take a mini road trip from Pittsburgh to Conneaut Lake Park and Waldameer. We have been to CLP numerous times, but were looking forward to finally hitting Waldameer.

It was raining on and off on the way up, but it stayed cloudy the whole time. We got to the park a little after 1:00pm and there was barely anybody there. We walked right in and opted for the ride-all-day.

The first thing we hit was The Comet. It's a fun little coaster and extremely smooth. Sitting in the back you get a few moments of "almost airtime." It was fun.

Next we knew we had to go straight to the Steel Dragon. There were only a few other people in line so we jumped right on in the back seat. This ride is so much fun. Going down that first drop backwards is great. The spinning isn't out of control, but I like the smoothness on the curves and drops. We rode this 3 other times later on, and enjoyed it just as much.

We decided to ride the Wacky Shack, which looked like great fun. I expected it to be a little cheesy like Devil's Den at Conneaut but I was wrong. I was very impressed with the length of the ride and all the work that was put into all the stunts. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think a few of the scenes came from Le Cachot? It was a very cool ride, nonetheless.

Since we were on a dark ride fix, we hit up Pirate's Cove. What a fun walkthrough. It seemed like it took forever to make it all the way through. I was impressed.

We hit all the flat rides (Spider, Ali Baba, Scrambler, Sea Dragon, etc) and had nice rides on the skilift and the Ferris Wheel.

Overall, the park was a little smaller than I was expecting, but it had some cool landscaping and great rides. The addition of the Ravine Flyer 2 will definitely make this park a destination place.

Then we drove to Conneaut and opted for the ride-all-day pass, figuring that it would pay off after a few rides.

We got about 3 or 4 rides in on the Blue Streak. You get some great airtime in the back seat, but the front is a lot smoother. It's a classic ride, but it could use a little TLC.

We just had to ride Devil's Den as it is such a classic ride. I noticed there are a few new stunts which looked cool.

Then we rode The Ultimate Trip, which is one of my favorite Scramblers. You can't beat an indoor Scrambler with strobe lights and neon paint.

Our ride-all-day passes had already paid for themselves so we decided to head back. Many of the rides were not open or had been removed, which was pretty sad. I really hope they get the Tumble Bug back up sometime this year. Overall, it was sad to see the current state of the park, but atleast they're surviving. I just wonder why any of the park chains haven't shown interest in helping this park out. It's probably because of all the debts and legal issues, but if a company like Kennywood stepped in, they could really improve the place. Remember how they stepped in and helped Lake Compounce get back on its feet?

Anyways, we had a great time and there were barely any crowds at either park due to the weather. It's always great to discover little parks with great rides.

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