Waldameer 8.22.08

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There have been a lot of Waldameer reviews recently so I'll try to keep this short and different.

My girlfriend and I visited Waldameer Park this past week on our way back to Ohio from Niagara Falls. I wasn't too impressed with the park overall. There were a lot of people smoking in queue lines right next to the big red no smoking signs which was a big turnoff for me.
We bought wristbands which were $19 a piece and parking was free. We probably would've been better off going with tickets because we were only in the park maybe four hours. I was planning on staying longer but it was too stinking hot. When you exit RFII there is a building straight ahead with a drinking fountain on the corner. This was pretty much our base camp the whole visit as I think we came back and got a drink after every ride.

Whacky Shack was a pretty lame dark ride, although some people might describe it as "classic." Steel Dragon is the first Maurer Sohne spinning coaster I have been on. I was a little nervous because I don't do spin and puke rides. I get dizzy pretty easily. We when we loaded the ride we were in the front seat and no one was in the back so I thought we were in for a crazy ride. To my surprise we didn't really spin all that much. I had a lot of fun and didn't get dizzy at all. I like this model a lot better than the Zamperla spinning models like the one at Beech Bend.

We did the sky ride and ferris wheel for the great views of the park and the surrounding area. I had read some really positive reviews of the Comet roller coaster so I was pretty disappointed after we rode. It was pretty lame and we didn't get anytime at all. There might have been more in the back of the train, or maybe we didn't have enough weight. Whatever the reason I was disappointed with that one.

The whole reason for visiting the park definitely lived up to expectations and reviews and even surpassed them. Ravine Flyer II was incredible. My girlfriend and I weren't expecting how intense and fast the ride is. It was flying and there was airtime all over the place. RFII could quite possibly be my second favorite wooden coaster after the Voyage. It is hard to measure it against rides that I haven't ridden in years. I also think that how high a coaster is rated also depends on what park it is at. I hold the Voyage so high because I love Holiday World. Waldameer is only a few steps above Beech Bend in my book. However, RFII makes it worth the trip.

Photo album here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2123517&l=3d1f8&id=30102517


Sounds like you're not really a fan of this park, just the RF.

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Yeah, the RFII is an amazing ride but besides that there's nothing else there that excites me.

We stopped at Waldameer on our way back from Niagara Falls. Here is that video if you are interested:


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