Waldameer 8/2/2011

Went to Waldameer Park on 8/2. Arrived at the park around 1:00 PM. Everything was running, though lines were generally short. Having my 39 inch daughter with me, we spent a bit of time in KiddyLand as she rode the chariots, frog hopper, etc. However, she did let me get away to ride Ravine Flyer twice. Great rides both times. It seems to be just a bit rougher than last year, but still very rideable. Also rode Comet with my daughter. She loved it, though the line really creeps along with the wrist band system and scans. I'd also love to see two trains running on Comet, but that also seems to be a rarity.

We were going to ride Ravine FLyer II, but the height limit has increased this year. Previously had a 36 inch requirement but now has a 40 inch requirement. Luckily, my daughter didn't remember that she could ride the ride last year.

I love the ACE segment of the train ride, and I'll love it when the park has both trains running.

Overall, a great visit to a real nice park.

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^Nice report, what is the ACE segment?

Those wrist-scan things also slow down things at Indiana Beach. Good thing there are not usually lines.


Essentially, there is what looks like a future train station over under Ravine Flyer 2 which is called something like "ACE Park" and dedicated to the "American Coaster ENthusiasts". You have to ride the train to see it. I think it is where the "new North" Station will be at when there are two trains running on the train. I wish I had my camera with me to take a picture, but alas, I didn't bring it yesterday.

I love the ACE garden!! It served as a great napping place when I had two hours until the rides opened. It was a great place to lay down and look up to the testing RF2, or close my eyes and listen. Too bad my shift was about to begin and I was off to run Steel Dragon (not that I hate to operate it). The area will be even better once the new landscaping fills in.

The park has plans to run both trains on Comet. They currently can't do it because of the old brakes on it. They plan on changing the brakes over to magnetic brakes so they can run 2 trains on busy days. We were told this at the GOCC/ACE event last month.

Yeah, a ride op told me that on opening day weekend. That will help capacity on it -- not that I've ever seen Comet running with more than a 25 minute wait.

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I was at the park on 8/7 (a Sunday) and Comet had the longest line in the park. Granted, it was still only about 20 minutes, but still seemed excessive.

And while I'm thinking about it, what's with the lax operations at these smaller parks? RFII was running two trains, but I didn't see the point. The procedure seemed to be dispatch the train, then have all three operators gather at the controls to talk while the second train unloads. A while after the platform has emptied, open the gates. After everyone has been seated and the previous train is on the brakes, then they'd finally get around to checking lapbars and dispatching the train.

Kennywood also had similar operations when I was there the day before. I do give the big chain parks credit in that when these kinds of operations happen in their parks, it's usually just an isolated incident. Most of the smaller parks I've visited (Holiday World excluded) seem like they could care less about getting people on their way.

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^Make sure you let the parks know how you feel, in a kind manner of course :)

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Being a park that still sells individual rides I do not see them adding a north train station. Trains will probably just depart after the previous one has cleared the return switch by the station. Not a long enough trip to split it up in my opinion anyways.

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That would be difficult to do, since the track is not a complete circuit, but a shuttle with two looping (non-inverting!) turn-arounds at the ends.

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