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Stopped at the park from 7pm till close. This was our second time ever at the park, our first being RV2's opening day. Decided to come again for a few hours to do some riding.

First up was Steel Dragon. Running well, one train wait. Always fun!

Rode the drop tower next which is probably our favorite drop tower. Reminds us of the old gen-1 Intamin towers mixed with the new S&S and gyro drop's. It also is a bit more scary because it feels like a carnival type ride making creaking noises and other uneasy sounds. Can't beat the amazing views from the top over the lake!

Next we made it back to RV2. Wait was down the ramp so it took about fifteen minutes. Got our seat in 6-2 and our ride began.

The ride DEFINITELY is running faster then opening day (of course, with break-in). However, after the first hop over the road up until that second hill has gotten pretty brutal. We thought it may of just been our seat, but it was rough in 1-1, 1-2, 3-2, 6-1, and what we rode first, 6-2. We rode it five times all together and will say the ride is just INSANE at night. Best night rides I have ever had in a long time. Pitch black and just out of control. The second half has gotten much faster and no longer feels out of place. Excellent air all over the place and for sure moved up in my rankings since opening day, even with that right-left-right combo getting as bad as it has gotten! Still an amazing ride, I just hope they can keep up with the tracking.

All in all we basically bounced from RV2 to Steel Dragon and the Drop tower. Walking out of the park at 9:55 though we hit up one last ride on the junior woodie, the Comet*?

Great day at the park and had an excellent time on RV2. The night rides are just insane and worth the drive or time to stay past dusk to ride it.


Nice report. Was the section of track on RFII actually rough or just intense? Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between the two. I can't wait until I finally get to go to this park in a few weeks. Would you suggest paying per ride or buying the combo pass?
In my opinion, that section has gotten rough. Now mind you, it is not THAT bad. But I guess compared to the rest of the ride that is smooth, it really stands out being quite bad. I can tolerate roughness well, so I don't mind it, I was just saying that it has gotten quite rough since opening day in that section. Not enough to really hurt the ride experience, but is a definite "brace" section of track! :)

We were originally just going to pay per ride since we were only going for three hours, but at $1.50 a ticket, we figured we would spend much more then $17 (which was the price of wristband).

To just give you an idea:

RV 5 times - (15 tickets total)
SD 3 times - (9 tickets total)
X-Scream 3 times - (6 tickets total)
Comet 1 time - (2? tickets total)

So at $1.50 a ticket, we would of spent $48 in tickets per person. Wristband was $17. Much better off with the wristband if you plan on riding!!

Hope that helps!

I just rode in my favorite seat in the back, and I understand that it can throw you around more, but I didn't find it rough at all. My definition of rough is pain, and while that section tends to be hit pretty hard, it still doesn't seem rough. Maybe intense, but not rough at all. To me the best part about the RF2 is that it is a (hybrid) wooden coaster and feels just like one.
My only point was that it has gotten significantly rougher in that section since opening day. It isn't terrible, even though I did get slammed in the ribs twice during that part which hurt a bit ;) I just made sure after to brace the best I could!

Insane ride though at night. Love it! Glad it has broken in to make that second half a bit more intense.

I rode RFII for the first time a couple weeks ago and in my opinion the part after the first bridge hop is insane and a bit brutal... but not rough. It feels like it's supposed to ride that crazily and I loved it.

However, there is a pronounced jab to your left side on the left/right hop immediately preceding the 90 degree turn which is very pronounced, a bit uncomfortable, and undoubtedly not intentional. I thought just about the entire rest of the ride was fantastic though. Incredibly fast and out of control, just the way a woodie should be.


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Paid my second visit yesterday, park was crazy busy. Good for them. Won't go into details, just say that operations all over the park seemed pretty good and we had a blast.

RFII was running great, two trains, full queue, twenty minute wait. Got several rides including some insane night rides. Love this coaster. I got popped in the ribs pretty bad last visit so I knew to be ready for that right-left-right on this trip. I agree, that section may need a bit of work this off-season. Not that its rough, but the changes are a bit too abrupt.

edit-cute story...there was an empty train sent for some reason and when it stopped in the brakes, a very young girl said to dad, "look...that train's empty!" Dad said, "Yeah must be a scary ride...everyone jumped out." Little girl had dinner plate eyes. Priceless. Dad caught us chuckling and winked. :) *** Edited 8/5/2008 2:14:55 AM UTC by obxKevin***

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