Wakmart to start selling theme park tickets?

I just saw this and thought that this is a first step
to Walmart selling theme park tickets.

You can with walmart receipt go online to purchase a one day 4 person ticket (wed,thurs.friday).

I took a marketing survey the other day(from universal) asking
if I would buy ticket from Walmart,Target,Best Buy ect.

Is this a first step to Walmart Travel agencies ?

news story is here

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Do they sell wacky packs or woks?

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Or perhaps Wacky Shacks? I'll take one of those if the price is right.

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Possible contender for funniest subject line typo on CBuzz...

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"Walmart - save money, live better (at the expense of *little hands* in China)" ;)


"Wakmart"? Is that some sort of strip club or peep-show? :)

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That's funny, Tambo!

I'd be all for retail stores selling theme park tickets. They already sell gift certs for different resturaunts and even some theme parks (Universal comes to mind). This would be just as quick and convienient as printing from home, probably about the same service charge that most parks charge to print at home, and would help to skip another line. [/insert LaustKause rant here ;) ]

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Discount Drug Mart, Meijer, etc.. have been selling CP tickets around here for as long as I can remember. Giant Eagle has had Kennywood, and alos Disney and Universal gift cards, that can be used to purchase tickets. I don't see this as such a new thing.

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When I was in Cincy for Memorial day, Meijer was prominently selling KI tickets and season passes at a decent discount.

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Walmarts down here in Orlando have been selling Disney, Universal, and Busch tickets for quite a while. Now as for Wal-Marts across the country getting into selling the tickets...I wouldn't expect that, although I guess it is possible.

Original BlueStreak64

Walmart will also soon be selling tickets through Ticketmaster as well.


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My Giant Eagle has been doing that for years.

I hope not. It always fills me with pains of guilt to even go into a Walmart; unless it's just to use their bathroom. Even then, it pains me to see others shopping there

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Tekwardo said:
That's funny, Tambo!

I'd be all for retail stores selling theme park tickets..and would help to skip another line. [/insert LaustKause rant here ;) ]

No rant here at all. I love buying my tickets before I get to the park to skip the ticket line. Not to get into it, but it's nothing like "you-know-what". :)

And yes, I want to jump on the bandwagon and say that park tickets have been sold at retail outlets for ages. I've bought tickets at my local parks and recreation office, AAA, Giant grocery store (Hersheypark tickets)and I even once bought a Kings Island ticket at my local gas station.

But, I imagine that this would be less like going up to the customer service counter at the department store to buy a paper ticket, and more like it was when I bought my ticket at my local gas station. They sold credit card sized plastic tickets. I believe that these tickets had a UPC bar code on them, and after scanned at the register, they were registered. (I can't think of the right word, not "registered", but umm, enguaged. No... Anyone care to help me here?) It worked a lot like the gift cards that you can buy at Walmart for other stores, like Applebee's, for example.

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That's it! Thanks for smelling my brain fart. :)

I should have figured it out, but I haven't worked in retail for a few years now.

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