Voyage vs El Toro

I haven't been on either coaster, but allot of you have. Which one is better? From watching the pov's I think El Toro gives great air time, so I would go with El Toro for air time. What about all of you out there?
^^ Seconded! While both are Great Rides, Voyage wins it by a Mile!

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El Toro might give a couple shots of more sustained airtime but nothing beats the "out of control" airtime feeling that Voyage delivers.

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El Toro

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^^ Yea this thread will not last very long

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Voyage. Wait... I haven't ridden either. I guess that means you can't use my opinion to change yours. Otherwise, though...

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I've ridden Voyage, but like many others have seen El Toro videos. And from that, El Toro's smoothness, airtime, and speed look awesome, but Voyage has all of that plus a way more interesting layout, IMO.

So yeah, Voyage by a long shot!

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