Voyage after Retracking

Has anyone ridden it this year?
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Several hundred people?
Nope, no one. Not a single, solitary soul ;)
It was ridden after it got re tracked by some park personel.

Was getting a little choppy in a couple spots but I think much of it was preventive and adjustments to make it last longer.


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1,300 feet of preventative and adjustments?

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So does the retracking make it slower??
1,300 feet? That's a lot of track. That's almost half a regular-sized coaster. I'm no expert but that sounds like a little more than adjustments.
Voyage was running great at the end of last season. It was faster than it was during HWN and the rough parts were better, but there was a little washboarding at the bottom of the first hill. It was not much and hardly an issue, but certainly something new that was not there at the beginning of the season.
Interesting. I was there on closing day, rode practically non-stop, and actually rode on the last "public" train of 2006. Other that a slight shuffle going in to the last tunnel (before the final brake) and a small, very minor "bump" going into the fly over hill in front of the station, the ride was *remarkably* smooth.

Personally, I think too much has been made over the 1,300 or so feet of track that received work. Yes, that sounds like a bit of work, but considering how well Holiday World takes care of their rides, I'll bet that most of it was preventive in nature. Besides, how many parks out there actually *tell* us how much trackage is being worked on?

Kudos to Holiday World for building such an amazing, and yes agressive ride, yet knowing how to properly maintain it!

I don't think anyone is insulting Holiday World, as their dedication to keeping their wood coasters in top shape should be commended. A few of us (myself included) are just wondering what would result in the need for so much track to be replaced in the ride's first offseason, perhaps a greater problem that is going to need to be addressed in the near future... if it hasn't been addressed already.
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What kind of self-respecting (self-deprecating?) enthusiast would FAIL to "make too much" over the 1300' of track?

If anything, new trackwork should make the ride faster...although probably not enough to be noticeable...

And how much faster does The Voyage need to go? ;)
We'll start figuring that out after I sneek in and install the LIMs.
Before the tunnel with the triple-down, I hope!
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Install those LIMs on Hades first.

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Hades does not need LIMs cause MtOlympus does not consider a big bucket of grease to be a "loose article".
Hey at least they arent going to let this thing decay like the Rattler and if they need to replace that much track they are doing it so I say "high five" Holiday World.

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Im sorry I was at work and didnt have time to finish the post.

Has anyone on there ridden Voyage after the Retracking? has it made any improvements on the ride? and which parts did they retrack?

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IMHO 1,300 feet of track maintenance on a coaster that is over 6,400 feet in length doesn't sound like anything to be alarmed about.
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^ Because I do....and can.

1,300' is slightly over 20%. That's on the high end of *normal*, but in medical jargon, WNL. As we've said, wooden coasters generally get "re-built" about every 5-7 years. That means 14-20% of a ride will be replaced every year. The Voyage is on the high end of average, esp. taking into account that it just had its first year of operations, but it's also a *little* more aggressive than most woodies too. OK, a LOT more.... ;)


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