Just FYI, I was at HW (once again) on 6/27. Remember the little rough spot cresting the third hill on the Voyage? Fixed. God, I love this park.

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That's good to hear.

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Thanks for noticing. I did it myself. :)

Paula (not!) But may I plug our new website?

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Awesome news!

With that spot fixed, as well as the removal of that painful dip into the final 90* banked turn, The Voyage must be running better now than ever! (It sure has been on my visits so far this year!)


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The new site looks great, Paula.

Nice news. It seems that I have a business trip in about 2 weeks that is going to allow me a small 'detour' to Holiday World. I can hardly wait to experience the pleasure known as Holiday World.

Fever I really enjoy the Simpsons. It's just a shame that I am starting to LOOK like Homer.

The Legend seems to be running exceptionally well this year too, it really surprised me how good it was when I rode it this year. The only thing I missed was the bell was not ringing.

For me to notice a rough spot on the top of the third hill on Voyage, my butt would have to be somewhere near my seat. The train could catch on fire up there and I'd never know.

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Oh, I definitely *noticed* the bump in question, it was a strong lateral jostle (one you could prepare for if you "knew how to ride", LOL). Very happy to see it's been addressed, because after that there was nothing but bliss. The other area mentioned has always been there to my recollection, is minor to me at least, and was barely noticeable in comparison to the one climbing the third hill. Kudos to HW for improving what was already far and away my favorite wooden a very large margin.

Great news! That spot wasn't too bad the first couple times, but after the fifteenth or so ride it got a little painful.

One of the maitnance crew guys said the isue was not the track but the supports they added extra support before holiwood night to try to correct it but the train was still able to push the supports forward because they were not all tied together horizontaly as high as they needed to be due to the steep angle of the climb. I wonder how they actualy fixed it? I knew they would though They take great care of their rides did the train seem to maintain more speed with out that big jolt?

Where track tends to flex a lot in a up and down motion. It is sometimes necessary to add Booster bents, This is a connection of the two bents by a beam and another mini bent being added between them. They are all over Mean Streak, Raven and now Beast Helix.

DantheCoasterman said:

With that spot fixed, as well as the removal of that painful dip into the final 90* banked turn, The Voyage must be running better now than ever!

I'm glad the nasty bump going up the third hill is gone, but I really grew to love that dip into the final 90...painful, but oh so good. However, I suppose I can live without the violent spinal compression into the final 90 if it means I can make it through another lap or two.

3 years old, and more repairs. At least it's running better now. .......I guess.

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Oh good heavens Ebenezer! :-) At least HW is making an effort to make their rides enjoyable. They could have taken the Paramount route.

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^"Taken the Paramount route"...and gotten Gerstlauer trains from HC5 for Voyage? Now that would be "ouchtastic" (TM-Moosh)... :)

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

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Why would it come as any surprise that a wooden coaster requires constant repair? It's not like you build them and walk away.

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Unless you're CF....zing!

Actually, then you just trim it and then walk away.

Andy <- who has Ghostie in his top 5 wood.

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Coasterphan said:
3 years old, and more repairs. At least it's running better now. .......I guess.

Wood coasters require constant maintenance and repairs. Old, new...doesn't matter. Did you know SCBB's Giant Dipper has 400 feet of track replaced each year? Anyway at least Holiday World takes pride in upkeeping their coasters.

Jeff - looks like we found another citizen of Waaaah!shington State. ;)

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