VOLARE construction in Vienna (gazillion pics)

Wednesday, October 29, 2003 11:43 PM
For those who are interested in detailed (and I mean it) construction photos of the new Zamperla Volare in Viennas Prater Park. The pics are very good, partly taken from the neighbouring ferris wheel and even from the rides platforms.

The layout is slightly altered and I donĀ“t know if the two coming installations will have this design too. Its not a big change, the spiral lift is located adjacent to the station. This way the cars will navigate a turn before the first drop instead of dropping instantly after the lift.

The links will lead you to a forum thread, there are several days covered in each link, so scroll down if you want to see all pictures in each thread.

Warning: These files are BIG. Fast connection is recommended.

The latest pictures are here (great night-time welding pictures):


Construction begins on Oct. 2nd


part 2:


part 3:


part 4:


happy off-season watching ;-)

Mozart would have loved it


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